Safe Surfing - Adults can help you stay safe!

So what's a kid to do when they know they want to stay safe, but don't know where to start?

Well, it's a great idea to talk to your parents or another adult first. Tell them that you've heard about safety on the Web and want to know what they think about it. They'll want you to have fun and enjoy the Internet, but they'll also want you to stay out of harm's way. Try the Yahoo! SAFELY Family Pledge for Online Safety as a starting point for your chit-chat!

Your parents may have a filter on your computer. A filter acts like a lifeguard for the surfer by warning when a site might be harmful. Others keep you from going in dangerous waters by not allowing you to use a site. But, the best way to know about where you should or shouldn't be surfing, is by asking an adult.

If your parents want to know more about safe surfing, have them check out the Safe Surfing Information for Adults at 4Kids.

So what are some of the these dangerous waters on the Web?

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