Safe Surfing

Earl, the Safe Surfer, loves to surf both on the Web and in the water. But sometimes he runs in to trouble. How can Earl stay safe when he surfs the Internet? Well, according to Earl, it's easy when you know what to do.

Do you know how to avoid problems on the Web? Prove it to yourself and your parents by making a totally tubular 4Kids Surftificate with your name on it!

For Kids:

Surf's Up!
What's up? Safe surfing of course! Learn about safe surfing from 4Kids!

For Adults, Learn More About . . .

Safe Surfing
For a child to be a safe surfer, adults must also understand how to keep children safe. Find out more from 4Kids about filtering software, safe surf strategies to teach your child, and the most effective way to protect your child from harmful content!

There are federal laws in place to protect children's privacy - find out what they are and what they mean to a child's surfing experience.

Additional Resources
There are lots of other Web sites out there on safe surfing - from kid-friendly search engines to resources to help teach your child about safe surfing.

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