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Take a break from your homework and kick back with these fun games from Arcademic Skill Builders! Click a game button below to play.
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Jet Ski Addition Jet Ski Addition
Tugboat Addition Tugboat Addition
Kitten Match Kitten Match
Alien Addition Alien Addition


Division Derby Division Derby
Pony Division Pony Division
Drag Race Division Drag Race Division
Demolition Division Demolition Division


Dolphin Dash Dolphin Dash
Dolphin Feed Dolphin Feed


Swimming Otters Swimming Otters
Otter Rush Otter Rush


Spelling Bees Spelling Bees
Kitten Hop Kitten Hop
Turtle Dash Turtle Dash
Coconut Vowels Coconut Vowels


Ducky Race Ducky Race
Sailboat Subtraction Sailboat Subtraction
Island Chase Subtraction Island Chase Subtraction
Minus Mission Minus Mission


Orbit Integers Orbit Integers
Integer Warp Integer Warp
Spider Match Spider Match

Fractions & Ratios

Ratio Stadium Ratio Stadium
Dirt Bike Comparing Dirt Bike Comparing
Dirt Bike Proportions Dirt Bike Proportions
Ratio Blaster Ratio Blaster
Ratio Martian Ratio Martian

Word Relationships

Furious Frogs Furious Frogs
Word Frog Word Frog
Word Invasion Word Invasion
Verb Viper Verb Viper


Grand Prix Multiplication Grand Prix Multiplication
Penguin Jump Penguin Jump
Tractor Multiplication Tractor Multiplication
Space Race Space Race
Meteor Multiplication Meteor Multiplication


Puppy Pull Puppy Pull
Puppy Chase Puppy Chase
Hungry Puppies Hungry Puppies


Giraffe Dash Giraffe Dash
Giraffe Pull Giraffe Pull


Penguin Hop Penguin Hop
Capital Penguin Capital Penguin
Toad Hop Toad Hop
Country Toad Country Toad


Sky Chase Sky Chase
Typing Jets Typing Jets

ALTEC Learning Games

Plotter Penguin Plotter Penguin Laser Sonic Spy Laser Sonic Spy
Equation TrainingDefinition TrainingVocab Stars

Fun Stuff

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