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Frog Art Issue Date: 08-02-2015

Cool Spots imageDo you like to draw? If so, you might consider entering the Save the Frogs Art Contest, savethefrogs.com/art, to share your talent. Your participation will help raise awareness of the factors leading to the decline in frog populations around the world. Find out more when you visit Why Frogs? You may not know this, but at some point in school, you might be asked to dissect a frog. Learn why classroom Dissections are no longer necessary, thanks to virtual dissection software. See why humans’ taste for Frog Legs has contributed to the problem. Find out how constructing more wetlands can help in Re-Frogging America.

Visit: http://savethefrogs.com/art
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Let It Flow Issue Date: 10-30-2011

Cool Spots imageWade into ecoliteracy with River of Words, www.riverofwords.org. Nature should have a place in the classroom. This site takes students away from their desks and out into the world for unforgettable lessons. Click on Art and Poetry and read through last year's contest-winners. If you are especially inspired, you can even submit your own work for review. Move over to Students and find tips and tricks that will have you creating nature-oriented works in no time. Share this one at school and breathe some fresh air into your classroom.

Visit: www.riverofwords.org
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