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Design a Dollhouse Issue Date: 11-02-2014

Cool Spots imageHow would you like to design the interior of a house? The National Gallery of Art invites you to visit the Interactive Dollhouse, nga.gov/kids/zone/NGAdcr/dollhouse.dcr, where you design a complete living space. Select a room to get started, then use Spotlight, Day & Night and Window Lighting to adjust the ambience. You can rearrange any of the items in the room, adding extra windows, characters and even pets. Paint the walls, change the ceiling texture if you like, and create original drawings for your easel using the Menu options. Head over to the kitchen, where you can decide What’s for Dinner. There are many options to choose from, so just have fun and explore!

Visit: http://nga.gov/kids/zone/NGAdcr/dollhouse.dcr
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Frank Lloyd Wright Issue Date: 09-07-2014

Cool Spots imageEnter the Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Studio 3D, architectstudio3d.org/AS3d/home.html, and design a home. See photographs of his residential, public and church buildings in About Frank Lloyd Wright. Now that you’ve seen his work, enter the Design Studio. Start by reading a brief description of each potential client’s interests. Once you choose a client, find a location. Now the design fun begins, as you select the interior and exterior materials to use in building the floor plan you picked. Once your work is done, Tour the House.

Visit: http://architectstudio3d.org/AS3d/home.html
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Future Designers Issue Date: 06-23-2013

Cool Spots imageKids Think Design, kidsthinkdesign.org, inspires creative kids to strive for exciting careers. If you love to create fashion, book covers, architecture or other projects, submit your original ideas to be featured here. Have you ever wondered how an animated film like “Brave” is created? Meet John Lasseter, the creative mind behind many Pixar and Disney films. Book cover designers try to catch the reader’s eye. Flip through the covers of “Alice in Wonderland” to see how artists interpret characters differently. Now Design a Project of your own.

Visit: kidsthinkdesign.org
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With Design in Mind Issue Date: 11-08-2009

Cool Spots imageIf you have ever glanced around and wondered why your surroundings look the way they do, Discover Design, www.designmuseum.org/
, is the site for you. What Do You See? helps explain all the different elements that go into making something aesthetically pleasing, like clothing and furniture. What Is It Made Of and Why? gives you the lowdown on why certain materials are better than others, depending on the creation in question. But most important, What Does It Do? helps young designers keep in mind the true purpose of the object they're imagining.

Visit: www.designmuseum.org/discoverdesign
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Primed for Design Issue Date: 04-26-2009

Cool Spots imageExplore the world of design and how it paints our surroundings at Design Traveller, www.designtraveller.com. If you want to learn more about powerful elements of design, step inside and Play the Game and listen carefully for your doorbell. Once you open your package, you will play one part respected design lover and one part detective as you work to properly honor the memory of The Clipper. Next, take a virtual tour of the gallery where you can choose a decade and see the many special works that came out of it. Now you can see the world with design eyes.

Visit: www.designtraveller.com
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