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Watch It Pop! Issue Date: 02-15-2009

Cool Spots imageGet your cosmic comic guidance at Explore Pop Art With Roy Lichtenstein, www.artisancam.org
. You can explore Lichtenstein's work and then create your own comic book style using his famous techniques. Click Enter to begin your journey. Once you discover the secret of the benday-dot style Lichtenstein used, try your hand at creating some of your own art. Choose a picture and fill it with color. Look! Now you have a really poppin' masterpiece.

Visit: www.artisancam.org.uk/flashapps/explorepopart
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377 users rated this site
Meeting Matisse Issue Date: 02-01-2009

Cool Spots imageBring along some special doggie treats for Raoudi and get to know his famous master, artist Henri Matisse, at Matisse for Kids, www.artbma.org/flash/F_conekids.swf. Did you know Matisse is known for his brilliant use of color and fanciful patterns? Next let Raoudi lead you to The Cone Sisters, who were huge fans of Matisse and built the Cone Collection housed in Baltimore. Stroll through the gallery to gather inspiration, and then put your vision to work creating your own masterpiece.

Visit: www.artbma.org/flash/F_conekids.swf
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312 users rated this site
Artissimo Magnifico Issue Date: 01-25-2009

Cool Spots imageGet ready for an online adventure in art at Artissimo, http://cybermuse.gallery.ca/cybermuse/kids/
. Spin the wheel and see where it takes you. Maybe you will land on Eye Spies, where Josh is waiting to help you discover hidden phrases among famous works of art. Spin again and try your luck in Color Palette. There you can pick up a paintbrush and create your own masterpiece. If you are really lucky, you might even land on Artissimo Gallery, where kids just like you have inspired the featured art. This site is sure to get your creative juices flowing, so celebrate the beauty of art in your own way today.

Visit: http://cybermuse.gallery.ca/cybermuse/kids/index_e.jsp
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336 users rated this site
Living Art Issue Date: 12-07-2008

Cool Spots imageDiscover how artists are creating a new kind of sculpture that is one with nature at Phototropism, www.artisancam.org.uk/
. Click on Get Started and enter a laboratory, where you can mouse around on materials to see how they are used to create "living" sculptures. Now try to create your own work of art. You will then position your sculpture in nature to see how the environment affects it during the day. Once you have created your masterpiece, explore the Gallery to enjoy the works of others.

Visit: www.artisancam.org.uk/flashapps/phototropism/phototropism.php
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A Body of Art Issue Date: 06-08-2008

Cool Spots imageGet out your pens, pencils or chalk for Figure It Out, a lesson for the artist in you at www.artisancam.org.uk/flashapps/figureitout. One of the toughest skills that artists must acquire is how to properly replicate the human form. Are you ready to begin? Decide whether you want to draw a body from the front or from the side. There are many different poses to choose from, so you will be able to practice over and over as you try to draw a person from different angles. Pick up the pencil at the bottom of your screen to begin. Once you are finished, print off your work and share with the other art lovers in your life.

Visit: www.artisancam.org.uk/flashapps/figureitout
User Rating: 2.9558498896249stars
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