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TV Fun Issue Date: 07-13-2014

Cool Spots imageTVO Kids, tvokids.com/6-11, is the place to go for games, contests, homework help and kid shows. Watch episodes of your favorite shows like “The Big Escape” and “Citizen Science.” Check out Contests and Events for a Weekly Web Contest that you can enter to win prizes. Are you funny, an artist or an avid reader? Create and Share is a place to share your talents with others. Send in your funny jokes, best artwork, yummy recipes and book reviews. School will be starting up in a few weeks, so you might want to check out the Homework Zone, where video tutorials can help you with math.

Visit: http://tvokids.com/6-11
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Solve the Case Issue Date: 06-29-2014

Cool Spots imageCan you solve The Case of the Mysterious Object? Tate Kids presents the Art Detective game, kids.tate.org.uk/games/art-detective. You will need your magnifying glass and notebook to gather information and Solve Clues. First, Look Closer: Zoom in and turn the sculpture to observe all of its details. You will answer questions in three categories, including what the piece is, how it was made and who created it. Finding pieces of art that inspired this work will help you solve the mystery and complete your Progress Report.

Visit: http://kids.tate.org.uk/games/art-detective
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Create a Snowflake Issue Date: 01-05-2014

Cool Spots imageHave you ever examined a snowflake when it lands on your window? For just a few seconds you can see its intricate shape. Enter the Snowflake Workshop, snowflakeworkshop.com, to design your own one-of-a-kind snowflake to print and send to friends. Each flake is assigned a code and displayed online for viewing. Choose Create a Flake to learn about the man who discovered that no two snowflakes are alike. Wilson Bentley began taking photos of individual snowflakes in 1885, and his collection grew to thousands of tiny images.

Visit: http://snowflakeworkshop.com
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An Artist's Perspective Issue Date: 02-17-2013

Cool Spots imageIf you like modern art, you will enjoy Painting With Elizabeth Murray, joy2learn.org/painting. Find out what she was like when she was your age in Growing Up. She didn't even like to color because she couldn't stay in the lines! Watch videos about each topic, then solve the puzzles in Activities. Click objects in My Studio to discover her favorite artists, how she creates color and what role her family plays in her work. In the MoMA Tour she shares some of her favorite pieces and the creative thought process in her art.

Visit: joy2learn.org/painting
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Bronze Age Exploration Issue Date: 01-13-2013

Cool Spots imageGo back in time 3,000 years and play Shipwreck: An Ancient Sea Trade Game, metmuseum.org/
. In 1982, a Turkish diver discovered a ship that had sunk off the coast of southern Turkey. It set sail during the time of King Tut, carrying items such as ivory, gold and silver. Navigate the map and answer questions to build your ship. Now go back in time and try to take the ship on a journey. If you succeed, you become a wealthy trader. If you fail, your ship will be destroyed by a tidal wave or sea creature. Watch divers excavate the real site in the INA Video.

Visit: metmuseum.org/content/interactives/shipwreck/index.html
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