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Collectibles Issue Date: 02-02-2014

Cool Spots imageAfter you see a cartoon, television show or movie that you like, do you ever look for items featuring your favorite characters? The Museum of the Moving Image presents the Collection, collection.movingimage.us, a digital library of more than 130,000 artifacts from movies and television. Begin your search for specific characters like Indiana Jones or Yoda. Narrow it down by class, such as Toys, Books or Activity Sets. A search for “games” will bring up items that go back nearly 100 years. Check out Motion Picture Cameras to see what they used to look like. How were they different from the cameras used in filmmaking today?

Visit: http://collection.movingimage.us
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2212 users rated this site
Reel Fun Issue Date: 09-04-2011

Cool Spots imageFilm Street, www.filmstreet.co.uk, invites all movie buffs and aspiring filmmakers to watch real-life cinematographers in action and then try to create their own mini-masterpieces. Begin with People in Film to meet the cool kids who create these works of art and then find inspirational film techniques. Now move over to Movies and enjoy films such as "The Pool at the End of the Earth" and "Donkey and Bob." Do you feel like an expert yet? Stop Frame Animator wants you to submit your own original movie for review. Roll film!

Visit: www.filmstreet.co.uk
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Man's Best Friends Issue Date: 06-21-2009

Cool Spots imageDiscover the difference a dog's love can make in your life when you visit Still Life With Animated Dogs, www.pbs.org/independent
. Meet Paul Fierlinger, an animator, and get to know the canines that helped him through many dark times in The Story. Then take a good look into Paul's dog animations and see just how he made his creations so special when you browse the process in Wag the Dog. Whether you are searching for information on art and animation or if you want to hear some special stories about barking buds, this site will satisfy your curiosity.

Visit: www.pbs.org/independentlens/animateddogs
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1131 users rated this site
Movie Mania Issue Date: 03-27-2005

Cool Spots imageHow are Hollywood films made? Visit Cinema at www.learner.org/exhibits/cinema for answers to all of your movie-making questions. At this site, you can view information on Screenwriting, Directing, Producing, Acting and Editing. In Screenwriting, you'll be entertained with clips about screenwriters and their underground writing days. Actors can either make or break a movie. In Acting, learn about the crucial roles they play. Get your pixels together and discover how the director makes a film. Then, find out the important role of the editing process of film production. And the screen goes blank.

Visit: www.learner.org/exhibits/cinema
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Lights, Camera, Action Issue Date: 10-03-1999

Cool Spots imageWhether it's the amazing special effects of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace," or the comic voiceovers of "Antz," today's movie-making industry is exciting and cutting-edge. Now you can hang out behind the scenes with the cast and crew at Cinema: How Are Hollywood Films Made? The site covers all the bases, from acting to screenwriting to directing. To go there you only need to memorize this line, www.learner.org/
. The site features a full rundown of how a movie scene is shot, from the lighting and sound mixing to set decoration, costumes and makeup. You'll even get to try your hand at managing a film or writing a scene. Whether you're looking to make it big in Hollywood, or simply want to direct a short film for your next school assignment, this is the ultimate movie-making site for kids. Take some action: The bright lights and big screen await!

Visit: www.learner.org/exhibits/cinema
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