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Draw Cartoons Issue Date: 06-26-2016

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered how cartoonists draw their characters? Professor Garfield’s Artbot, professorgarfield.org/pgf_ArtBot.html, teaches you how to draw the famous comic strip cat, Garfield. How to Draw Garfield in Motion shows techniques such as the squash and stretch, which allow you to draw characters out of proportion to depict specific actions. Visit Drawing Animals for tips on sketching eagles and more. Artist David Reddick shares his techniques for drawing superheroes and princesses. Now grab your sculpting clay and learn from Jamie Crawford.

Visit: http://professorgarfield.org/pgf_ArtBot.html
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Get Out Safely Issue Date: 04-06-2014

Cool Spots imageLizzy Visits the Sculpture Garden, nga.gov/kids/lizzy/lizzy.htm, in an animated walk where sculptures come to life for Lizzy and her brother Gordon. Choose Story to get started, then click the highlighted links on each page when you are ready to move on to the next one. Once you’ve finished exploring with Lizzy, choose Overview to pick pieces on the map that you would like to learn more about. For instance, what inspired Barry Flanagan to create the famous hare, “Thinker on a Rock”? When you visit “House I,” you’ll realize you can’t step inside. It is an optical illusion. What do you think the artist is trying to communicate?

Visit: http://nga.gov/kids/lizzy/lizzy.htm
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Monumental Art Issue Date: 08-18-2013

Cool Spots imageJourney into the world of talented sculptor Richard Serra, joy2learn.org/sculpture. Richard enjoyed art from an early age. As he describes his experiences in My Life, you will learn who encouraged his talent before he was even 5 years old. How did working in Steel Mills influence his art? When you visit My Gallery, check out “The Matter of Time” in Museum Work, and “Fulcrum” in Urban Work. Imagine sculpting something more than 100 times your size! Now visit How I Work to see how his creations take shape. You may be surprised to learn that this artist does not work from sketches.

Visit: joy2learn.org/sculpture
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A Unique Artist Issue Date: 03-31-2013

Cool Spots imageVisit French sculptor Auguste Rodin’s Studio at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, interact.nelson-atkins.org/rodin/create, and witness his mastery in creating bronze sculptures. Using his technique to create a masterpiece of your own, first choose existing plaster pieces to build a sculpture based on an emotion. Then create an impression of it and fill it with fireproof clay and wax. Watch the video to see the intricate steps in creating a cast bronze sculpture, including heating it to more than 1,000 degrees. Once the process is complete, pick a place in the art gallery to display your original statue.

Visit: interact.nelson-atkins.org/rodin/create
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Ancient Mystery Issue Date: 10-21-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art's Studio 33, nelson-atkins.org/studio33/interactives/interactivelion, takes you into the Lion’s Den to view reconstruction of an ancient work of art. More than 2,300 years ago, a beautiful sculpted lion guarded a Greek cemetery. Can you imagine assembling a puzzle whose pieces weigh thousands of pounds? That is what conservators tackled when they discovered the sculpture's support materials had rusted, causing cracks. From the 1993 Discovery to Reassembly, see stunning photographs and video of the amazing process.

Visit: nelson-atkins.org/studio33/interactives/interactivelion
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