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William Shakespeare Issue Date: 07-30-2017

Cool Spots image Shakespeare for Kids, folger.edu/shakespeare-kids, is an introduction to the English playwright’s works through facts, games, quotes and resources. In 10 Ways to Be a Shakespeare Expert, learn little-known information about him, from his childhood through his career in the London theater. For instance, did you know that William Shakespeare has no direct descendants? His last grandchild died in 1670. In Cool Printing Facts, find out more about the printing process used 400 years ago. See digital examples of his originally printed works. If you already have some knowledge of his characters, take the Shakespeare Challenges or play Who Am I?

Visit: http://folger.edu/shakespeare-kids
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Broadway Theaters Issue Date: 02-12-2017

Cool Spots image Spotlight on Broadway, spotlightonbroadway.com, is an inside look at the 40 theaters that make up New York City’s famous Theater District. Did you know that the character Mickey Mouse was originally introduced at the Broadway Theatre in 1928? Visit Theaters to take a peek inside that celebrated venue and uncover its rich history. Watch clips from musicals performed there, such as “Cinderella.” In Broadway History, stroll through the Theater District from its beginnings. Did you know that the site where the Winter Garden Theater now stands used to be the Hopper Family Farm? From horses and buggies to the subway, witness its evolution in pictures.

Visit: http://spotlightonbroadway.com
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Costume Design Issue Date: 01-01-2017

Cool Spots image Behind the scenes at Canada’s National Arts Centre, theatrical designers work hard to create costumes that bring stories to life on stage. ArtsAlive’s The Secret Life of Costumes, artsalive.ca/collections/costumes, is an archive of this collection. Did you know that a lot of research goes into creating costumes that fit time periods and settings for each production? Find out more About Costume Design and the designers’ process. Thematic Tours guide you through the English, French and Opera collections. Find inspiration and creative, low-cost costuming ideas your school could use in Activities & Resources.

Visit: http://artsalive.ca/collections/costumes
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Puppet Master Issue Date: 12-05-2010

Cool Spots imageBring creations to life at The Art of Puppetry, http://theatre.civilization.ca/narratives/details.
, where many different kinds of puppets, such as hand and rod puppets, are featured. This site allows you to explore the Canadian Museum of Civilization's puppet collection while you learn about the amazing history behind this art form. Once you know what makes a puppet come “alive,” move to World Puppet Theatre Traditions to discover how different nations use puppetry in their cultures. Feeling inspired? Now try to make your own puppet.

Visit: http://theatre.civilization.ca/narratives/details.php?language=english
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A Dark Form Issue Date: 07-25-2010

Cool Spots imageTry your hand at shadow puppetry when you visit the Kennedy Center’s Playing With Shadows, http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/interactives/shadowpuppets/artsedge.html. Shadow puppets can be any number of things. From horses and bears to villains, the options are endless. Behind The Scenes will help you discover the importance of lighting and special screens. Then create your own show where you get to be the mastermind behind the art! Before you go, meet the masters behind the magic for a dose of creative genius.

Visit: http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/interactives/shadowpuppets/artsedge.html
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