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Fabulous Felting Issue Date: 11-29-2009

Cool Spots imageGet a good feel for a new material at Fashioning Felt, http://archive.cooperhewitt.org/fashioning-felt/exhibitions.cooperhewitt.org/Fashioning-Felt/index.html, where textile fans will find tons of cool facts on felt and discover the many ways it can be used. Peruse the Process, where you will learn one method used to make felt and get to see great photos of artists in action as they create carpets from felt. Objects will open your eyes to the popular projects that people take on with colorful examples of clothes, art, rugs and more! For further felt inspiration, click on Blog to discover felting all over the world.

Visit: http://archive.cooperhewitt.org/fashioning-felt/exhibitions.cooperhewitt.org/Fashioning-Felt/index.html
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Dress Code Issue Date: 10-18-2009

Cool Spots imageClothing is not just about the latest fashions, impressing your friends and keeping warm. TxtStyles/Fashioning Identity, http://africa.si.edu/exhibits/styles/introduction.html, will introduce you to how Africans use clothing to communicate special parts of their identity. Did you know that certain African dress can tell others what tribe you belong to, how old you are, and your beliefs, values and ideals? Once you work your way through the different activities, you can text your own style to a friend, create an original symbol to share with others or check your Hat-itiude!

Visit: http://africa.si.edu/exhibits/styles/introduction.html
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Lookin' Good Issue Date: 02-08-2009

Cool Spots imageTo all the fashion lovers out there, BBC's Blast Fashion, www.bbc.co.uk/
, is the right site for you! Check this out: The next time you and your fashionista friends are wondering how to celebrate your love of far-out looks, host a clothes-swapping party. You can download helpful tips and tricks to get you started, and then it's time to invite your buds with raid-worthy closets. Parade around in your new, inspired outfits and decide what to keep and what to give away. This is sure to put a new twist on a traditional sleepover.

Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/blast/fashion
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Blending Politics and Style Issue Date: 12-21-2008

Cool Spots imageJourney back in time to meet a true political icon at Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years, archive.field museum.org/jkennedy. Many of you are familiar with Jacqueline's killer sense of classic style. Click on Campaign and Inauguration to check out her dynamic black and white ensemble. You might also discover a cool fact about her penchant for foreign languages. Open your invite to White House Receptions and prepare to be wowed by her many gowns. History and politics have never been so beautiful.

Visit: archive.fieldmuseum.org/jkennedy
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A Donna of Fashion Issue Date: 02-22-2004

Cool Spots imageThe Art and Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli is Shocking! at www.philamuseum.org/micro_sites/exhibitions/schiaparelli. The gallery displays some of Schiaparelli's designs, including three bustle dresses, a butterfly dress and a shoe hat. In Schiaparelli for Kids, you can play "dress up" with Chloe. Don't forget to accessorize. Or design your own clothes and take a crack at the fashion quiz. If you want a little advice on fashion for yourself or your friends, consult the 12 Commandments for Women.

Visit: www.philamuseum.org/micro_sites/exhibitions/schiaparelli
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