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Native Fashion Issue Date: 07-21-2013

Cool Spots imageDid you know that a dress can tell a story? The National Museum of the American Indian presents Identity by Design, nmai.si.edu/exhibitions/identity_by_design/IdentityByDesign.html. Native women in the United States and Canada design dresses that are not only beautiful but also represent the memories and traditions of the artist. The intricate details of the garments in the Full Circle of Life reveal how dress design played an important part in passing on historical and spiritual knowledge to future generations. The Powwow World keeps tradition alive through dance.

Visit: nmai.si.edu/exhibitions/identity_by_design/IdentityByDesign.html
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Gallery of Fashion Issue Date: 09-30-2012

Cool Spots imageColonial Williamsburg Museums highlight three centuries of fashion in an online exhibit called Historic Threads, history.org/history/museums/clothingexhibit. Have you ever wondered what clothes were considered fashionable in the 1700s and 1800s? For instance, men wore stockings with their suits, and shoes were made of wood, silk and cloth. The intricate embroidery in gowns worn for special occasions centuries ago reflects styles seen in wedding gowns today. Can you spot the similarities? Scroll through beautiful photographs and read about the materials used for clothing and accessories of the past.

Visit: history.org/history/museums/clothingexhibit
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Shades of Green Issue Date: 09-23-2012

Cool Spots imageGreen: the color and the cause, textilemuseum.
, is a stunning exhibit of the richest color in nature through art and textiles. Browse by Theme to learn how this brilliant color has come to represent life, conservation and the environment. Until the creation of synthetic dyes in the 19th century, there was no green fabric, even though the color is common in nature. How did the "green" movement start? Learn author Rachel Carson's role. See a gallery of creations in Artists, such as Teresa Barkley's "Freedom From Hunger" or Susan Lenz's "Wasted Words."

Visit: textilemuseum.org/green
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Tactile Textiles Issue Date: 03-11-2012

Cool Spots imageVisit the Children's University of Manchester's Talking Textiles, www.childrensuniversity.
, where materials are waiting for your discovery. World Costumes is a great place to start as you learn how to find out what time period and country a person is from based on what he or she is wearing. See how textiles are decorated with knitted knots, embroidery, patchwork, dyes and more. Now spin The Color Wheel and learn what colors can mean and how colors are created. Your art class and teacher might be interested in this site!

Visit: www.childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk/interactives/artanddesign/talkingtextiles
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Fashion Forward Issue Date: 02-21-2010

Cool Spots imageAdd a little sparkle to your life at Bedazzled, www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/bedazzled, a site for the style obsessed. This virtual magazine is full of inspiration, whether you are exploring the history of certain trends or just wondering what your clothes say about you. You might also get Carried Away with all the choices of bags this site features. Pick your purse based on look, function or construction. Each one comes with information on the story behind the style, so pick your favorite. Good luck, good lookin'.

Visit: www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/bedazzled
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