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Tune Up Issue Date: 09-24-2006

Cool Spots imageBlow through the red velvet curtain and into the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at www.nyphilkids.org. Take a peek into instrument cases in the storage room. From woodwinds to strings, you can see and hear everything played in the orchestra. Then head over to the lab where you can use your new knowledge to create your own instrument. Hang out in the Musician's Lounge and learn about the men and women behind the music. The Game Room is a great place to rest and have fun with a Minuet Mixer or Percussion Showdown!

Visit: www.nyphilkids.org
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Come Together in Harmony Issue Date: 07-09-2006

Cool Spots imageBecome a masterful musical expert when you join the Continental Harmony Project at www.pbs.org/harmony. Enter the Sound Lounge for an interactive experience where you can compose and hone your musical skills. To get your creative juices flowing, check out new projects across the United States in Communities in Harmony and learn what others are doing. Is your town in need of some musical genius? Community Toolkit can help local organizations commission a new piece of music. Stay tuned.

Visit: www.pbs.org/harmony
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The Mozart Project Issue Date: 08-21-2005

Cool Spots imageExperience the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in The Mozart Project at www.mozartproject.org. Through his Biography, you can meet the musical boy genius who mastered his first musical composition at the age of 4. Chronology matches important events in Mozart's life to the world news of the day. Familiarize yourself with Mozart's works in Compositions, where you will find a complete list of his compositions and when and where they were composed. Selected Essays houses articles on various Mozart themes. Rock me, Amadeus.

Visit: www.mozartproject.org
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Nature of Music Issue Date: 08-07-2005

Cool Spots imageMusic isn't only what you hear on the radio. Learn about The Music of Sound at http://whyfiles.org/114music, which introduces you to the melodies found throughout the world. In Nature's Orchestra, learn all about natural sounds, such as those made by frogs, alligators, crocodiles, ring-tailed lemurs, emperor penguins and walruses. Even Mozart heard the music of nature. Follow Mozart's Muse to discover his surprising musical inspiration. Ancient Music tells the story of nature in music dating back 50,000 years. At this site, be your own conductor, and find the symphony in your world.

Visit: http://whyfiles.org/114music
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Creating Music Issue Date: 07-31-2005

Cool Spots imageDiscover your inner composer when you visit Creating Music at www.creatingmusic.com. Here's your chance to defame a classic. In Playing (With) Music, you can change the direction and tempo of a Beethoven masterpiece. March to the beat of your own drum as you instruct the percussion section in Rhythm Band. Then, manipulate the band in Musical Sketch Pads, where every note is drawn to your specifications and you control the tempo. Tune your ear in Games and Puzzles to see if you can place pieces of a song in the correct order. Get in sync with the music.

Visit: www.creatingmusic.com
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