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Pitch Perfect Issue Date: 05-02-2010

Cool Spots imageMusic lovers will hit a high note at ARTSEDGE: Perfect Pitch, http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/interactives/perfectpitch. To begin, take to this virtual baseball field by choosing a specific musical era. From classical to modern, these talented orchestral teams are waiting to strut their stuff and blow you away. Listen closely as the different instruments blend together to make beautiful music. All members of the orchestra have an important role to play, so get a good look at all the players and get an earful of their musical stylings.

Visit: http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/interactives/perfectpitch
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Strummin' Away the Day Issue Date: 09-14-2008

Cool Spots imageIf you're in a guitar groove, rock out with the Experience Music Project's Timeline, www.empsfm.org/flash/guitbass/index.html. Wander through the melodic timeline at the bottom of the page and select any of the guitars. Did you know Vivi-Tone's electric guitar was the first solid-bodied electric guitar, or that the Vega Electric has a trapeze-shaped tailpiece? Treat your ears to the Walking Bassline, where the guitar of your choice will strum out a tune. Be sure to listen to them all, from the harmonizing guitars to the funky bass beats.

Visit: www.empsfm.org/flash/guitbass/index.html
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Singing the Blues Issue Date: 06-29-2008

Cool Spots imageGet down in Mississippi, a birthplace of the blues, and follow the Mississippi Blues Trail, www.msbluestrail.org/blues_marker_list. Mouse around on the Mississippi map to explore this musical region. Click on the Delta and you will be transported to the largest concentration of blues sites in the state. In the River-Capital region, celebrate the blues at famous spots such as Club Desire and the Willie Dixon. Visit Gulfport in the Coast region and hear the sweet sounds of the American Blues Network. Now just convince your folks to take you on a happenin' road trip!

Visit: www.msbluestrail.org/blues_marker_list
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Journey Inside the Music Issue Date: 12-16-2007

Cool Spots imageMind, body and soul come together at The Symphony, http://library.thinkquest.org/22673. If you need a crash course in classical music, check out Forms and learn about musical makeup. Next, take a quick visit to Orchestra and learn what instruments take center stage in symphonic celebration. From Beethoven to Tchaikovsky, see what composers are featured here, and then prepare for musical brilliance when you listen to the symphony of your choice. Whether you are in the mood for tragedy with Mozart or passion with Berlioz, this site will be music to your ears.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/22673
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I Hear Music Issue Date: 10-07-2007

Cool Spots imageExperience the sounds of songs of life with Wild Music at www.wildmusic.org. Push play for an earful of terrific tunes sure to fulfill your musical desires. Click on Animals and find out how your favorite creatures communicate through sound. Learn more with About Sound before heading on over to Soundscapes where you can create your own musical masterpiece. Before you leave, browse through the research of famous scientists to learn about the song of the humpback whale or how sound plays a role in the lives of animals.

Visit: www.wildmusic.org
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