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Music Legends Issue Date: 08-11-2013

Cool Spots imageCarnegie Hall presents A History of African American Music, carnegiehall.org/honor/history. Musical genres dating back to the 1700s will have you on your feet as you listen to the tunes. Turn up the volume and enjoy the lively piano of Scott Joplin in Ragtime. Jam with a modern artist in Electro-funk. Can you identify the instruments in the New Orleans-Style Jazz recording? As you explore the music, you will discover historical facts and notable performers. This is a terrific resource for your next music report.

Visit: carnegiehall.org/honor/history
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Behind the Music Issue Date: 07-28-2013

Cool Spots imageHave fun with classical music and instruments through interactive games and videos at Sphinx Kids, sphinxkids.org. Walk through the Instrument Storage Room to explore woodwinds, strings and more. Did you know the timpani are considered the most important percussion instruments in the orchestra? See if you can find instruments youíve never heard before. Create tunes using the beats in the Rhythm Band, then become the composer in Orchestration Station. Listen to the original song and decide if you like your version better.

Visit: sphinxkids.org
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Mix It Up Issue Date: 03-24-2013

Cool Spots imageDid you know that the Smithsonian Institution has its own record label? Folkways Recordings, folkways.si.edu/
, was established in 1948 to document sounds from around the world. Jam to some cool tunes as you create your own unique sound with the Smithsonian Jazz Mixer. Now visit the Map, pick a city and listen to great jazz musicians such as Count Basie from Kansas City or percussionist Chano Pozo from Cuba. Havenít found a favorite tune yet? Explore Folkways, then listen to music from all over the world in Soundscapes.

Visit: folkways.si.edu/jazz/mixer.aspx
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Ragtime Roots Issue Date: 01-20-2013

Cool Spots imageThe Advent of Jazz, neajazzinthe
, will have you dancing in your seat as you watch videos and listen to music that was an integral part of American history. Jazz brought people of different races together, as the introductory video in Lesson One shows. See how African-American jazz musicians were influenced by European, Latin and Caribbean rhythms more than two centuries ago. Then listen to Major Artists such as Louis Armstrong, one of jazz's most creative geniuses. Find favorite artists as you read about their contributions to this unique art form.

Visit: neajazzintheschools.org
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Latin Tunes Issue Date: 11-25-2012

Cool Spots imageEnjoy listening to a collection of Latin American music and the instruments that produce its unique sounds in the Smithsonian Institution's virtual exhibition Musica del Pueblo, musicadelpueblo.org. Visit Improvising and listen to Merengue Tipico, then compare the acoustic sounds in Harmonizing as musicians play rhythms of the past and present. Do you like to dance? South Texas Conjunto in Community is a lively music style that will get you moving! Scope Local Artists for a variety of songs in Google Earth.

Visit: musicadelpueblo.org
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