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Play the Piano Issue Date: 06-22-2014

Cool Spots imageWondering what to do on a rainy day? If you love music, you will love playing familiar songs or even composing your own at Virtual Piano, virtualpiano.net. This fun site was created to inspire you through music. Follow the simple Music Sheets that allow you to create beautiful music as you practice your typing skills. Learn to play “Under the Sea” or “A Whole New World.” You can also record your music and then play it back. Artists from all over the world contribute music sheets to the site. You can even record and upload your own videos of the keyboard as you play.

Visit: http://virtualpiano.net
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Orchestra Games Issue Date: 02-23-2014

Cool Spots imageDo you have a favorite musical instrument? The Boston Symphony Orchestra Kids Page, bso.org/kids, is a place where you’ll enjoy a wide variety of instruments. Music Memory is different from a typical memory game. Listen carefully when you turn over each card, because you have to match the instrument to its sound. Have you ever played a tuba on the run? In Catchy Tuba, you’ll use the arrow keys to move around fast to catch the correct notes. In Monstroment, throw the correct instruments at the monster and make him happy.

Visit: http://bso.org/kids
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Melody Street Issue Date: 01-19-2014

Cool Spots imageTake a stroll down Melody Street, melodystreet.com/INDEX/live, a world where instruments come to life to teach you all about themselves. Val Violin will introduce you to the five families of music and share fun facts and games. Step into the theater to watch “Happy and You Know It” in Videos, where Ethan and his talented friends put on a fabulous performance. Can you guess which instrument is behind the curtain? Try to master all three levels as they become more challenging, and you’ll earn a certificate in Who’s That Instrument? Just pull the rope and listen, then make your choice. You can also download coloring pages, wallpaper and a free song in Fun Stuff.

Visit: http://melodystreet.com/INDEX/live
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Catchy Tunes Issue Date: 11-17-2013

Cool Spots imageDaria is a folksinger who travels around the globe performing World Music for Children, dariamusic.com. Check out her music Videos and get ready to dance to the lively tunes. You may hear a few unfamiliar Instruments such as the shekere and the didgeridoo. Listen to each one by itself, and then in a song. You can build your own instrument, perhaps a cajon or a guiro. Have you ever played the Dreydl Game? Download fun Activities and Crafts for a rainy day. You can even make and play your own rainstick.

Visit: http://dariamusic.com
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Cuban Rhythm Issue Date: 09-22-2013

Cool Spots imageThe life and music of Cuban singer Celia Cruz are featured in Azucar! at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, amhistory.si.edu/celiacruz celiacruz. Begin by reading about Her Life from her early days, where she primarily sang on the radio, to her career on stage. Learn how her music changed over time, even including hip-hop in the 1990s. Her Dressing Room reveals her personal style, with unique shoes custom-made for her by the same designer for more than 40 years. Now enjoy her greatest hits and see her perform Her Music.

Visit: amhistory.si.edu/celiacruz
User Rating: 2.5697674418601stars
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