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Music Along the Mississippi Issue Date: 05-13-2001

Cool Spots imageRow down the Mississippi River of music for a River of Song at www.pbs.org/riverofsong. Start out at Inger, Minn., and head south to Louisiana. The cold North offers Ojibwe drummers and Scandinavian fiddlers, while the Midwestern Crossroads is bluegrass country. From Kentucky to Mississippi you'll find soul and the beginnings of rock 'n' roll. And the Deep South is home to Cajun, gospel, blues and honky-tonk music. This trip down the Mississippi River will introduce you to the wide variety of music found in America's heartland.

Visit: www.pbs.org/riverofsong
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A Site in the Key of Issue Date: 08-20-2000

Cool Spots imageTurn up the volume on your next Net surf with a visit to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tap out a cool little melody on your computer keyboard to join the jam session at www.rockhall.com. The on-line Hall of Fame has more amazing rock stuff than you can imagine. Find out about the lives and music of all the famous rockers, from Elvis to the Beach Boys, the Clash to Queen Latifah. Rocket back to the '50s for the roots of rock and roll, and check out the rhyming and styles that made hip-hop what it is today. Hey, what's a rock and roll museum without music? There's a great virtual jukebox that will have you boppin' to some of the most important and fun music of our time. Click on "Community" to flip through the great photo album of all the celebrities who have visited the Hall of Fame. Then be sure to sign up as a cyber "roadie" to get updates from the Hall of Fame. Keep your finger on the pulse of rock music.

Visit: www.rockhall.com
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A Classical Act Issue Date: 05-21-2000

Cool Spots imageThe world of classical music is fascinating and fun, and the Essentials of Music Web site will introduce you to the best classical music from the Middles Ages to the 20th century. Bring your headphones to www.essentialsofmusic.com. The site is filled with historical info, great graphics and tons of sound files. You'll find biographies for more than 70 composers, including such legends as Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Duke Ellington. Or tune into the cool music glossary, where you can find definitions of hundreds of terms, from a capella to xylophone and zither. This site proves that the classics are a blast from the past after all.

Visit: www.essentialsofmusic.com
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Music in the Air Issue Date: 04-23-2000

Cool Spots imageYou won't need to wear a tuxedo to get into this orchestra pit. Just tune up your Internet instrument to the sweet sounds at http://library.thinkquest.org/5116 and the symphony is all yours. Fiddle around with a fiddle or peer down into a tuba. You'll learn fun facts about each member of the orchestra. And with each instrument you get an earful of great sounds from the world's most famous composers. Just a mouse click gets you a private concert. You can also learn how to make a drum, a flute or a bugle. The conductor's tapping his baton. That means it's time to fill your house with beautiful music.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/5116
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Plug In And Play Issue Date: 02-20-2000

Cool Spots imageFrom rhythm and blues to rock 'n' roll, the arrival of the electric guitar changed the music world forever. At the Lemelson Center's Electric Guitar exhibit, you can tune into how musical innovators cranked up their sound a few decibels thanks to this way-cool instrument. From invention to most recent use, you'll discover the history of the electric guitar. Plug in and play at http://invention.smithsonian.org/centerpieces/electricguitar/theguitars.htm. Read all about how the electric guitar was first shunned as a novelty-only to find its way into concert halls, conservatories and classrooms worldwide. You can also read about how guitars are designed and how they work. And jam with the best, including Chuck Berry and Eddie Van Halen. Strap on your Fender Stratocaster and prepare to play.

Visit: http://invention.smithsonian.org/centerpieces/electricguitar/theguitars.htm
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