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Time for Ragtime Issue Date: 05-04-2003

Cool Spots imageThe Templeton Music Collection at http://digital.library.msstate.edu/collections/sheetmusic features a collection of original ragtime sheet music from turn-of-the-century America. Read descriptions of music types including fox-trots, war songs and minstrel music. Ragtime incorporated Caribbean and African drum rhythms with Western-style polkas. You can look at each song in its original sheet music form, with cover art that captures the spirit of the time. If you read music or know an instrument, download a song and play it.

Visit: http://digital.library.msstate.edu/collections/sheetmusic
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San Francisco Symphony Issue Date: 11-17-2002

Cool Spots imageYou'll have fun with music with SFS Kids at www.sfskids.org. Tune into the Radio and enjoy the beautiful orchestra. You can listen to works by composers such as Bach, Mahler, Rouse and Tchaikovsky. After hearing the orchestra as a whole, discover how each instrument plays a part in giving the orchestra its complete sound. The Music Lab is the place to learn how to find pitch, rhythm and tempo, and the Performalator helps you perform six familiar songs. You'll have a jammin' good time at this site.

Visit: www.sfskids.org
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Take Note, Y'all Issue Date: 06-16-2002

Cool Spots image The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids site at www.dsokids.com is an instrumental site for all music lovers. Head to the interactive Music Room where plenty of activities, games and surprises await. You can Listen to Music or learn about Music Theory. The Instrument Encyclopedia lets you listen to each instrument and tells you the instruments' roles in the orchestra. If you're interested in playing an instrument, take a seat in the Practice Chair and learn what it takes to be a musician. Experience the magic and joy of classical music.

Visit: www.dsokids.com
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An Amazing Orchestra Issue Date: 03-10-2002

Cool Spots imageTake note of the New York Philharmonic Kidzone at www.nyphilkids.org. Music lovers of any age will enjoy this amazing orchestra. The Philharmonic News will inform you about musical current events. The Instrument Storage Room is full of facts about the sections of the orchestra, including audio clips of each instrument. In the Composers' Gallery, you can discover the brilliant minds behind the music. Remember to visit the players in the Musician's Lounge and tune in today.

Visit: www.nyphilkids.org
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Groovin' To The Beat Issue Date: 06-10-2001

Cool Spots imageKeep your feet tappin' and your fingers snappin' at http://pbskids.org/jazz. At this swinging site you can discover the history of jazz with the Interactive Timeline. Visit the Improvisation Station to test your skills on the groove machine. Play Repeat the Beat, a memory game, with an animal band. In the Now and Then section, learn about famous jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and more. You can also read about kids your own age who love to play music. Tell your teachers about the Lesson Page, which has suggestions for using the site in class. This is one site that will surely keep you groovin'.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/jazz
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