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Odd Music to the Ears Issue Date: 08-01-2004

Cool Spots imageIf you're tired of trombones and bored with banjoes, head over to Odd Music at www.oddmusic.com to get an earful of some unusual instruments. You can hear anything from the soothing sounds of the Aeolian Wind Harp, which lets nature do the playing, to the chaotic cacophony of the bikelophone, which is made out of an old bicycle. After getting your fill of wacky sounds, head to Featured Sections to see the inspiration behind the Theremin. If you like the scientific side of music, find out how to bend a circuit and make melodies with renegade paths of electrons.

Visit: www.oddmusic.com
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Feel the Rhythm of the Beat Issue Date: 05-23-2004

Cool Spots imageYou'll find the beat with Science of Music: Accidental Scientist at www.exploratorium.edu/music. Watch and listen as four musicians play instruments from around the world to lay down a good beat. Peter Whitehead, an instrument builder, shares some of his homemade musical contraptions. With Step Re-Mix, you can choreograph your own dance, mixing a rhythm of claps and stomps. You'll also discover why your voice always sounds better in the shower and why some songs get stuck in your head.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/music
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Songs Without Borders Issue Date: 02-01-2004

Cool Spots imageCorridos sin Fronteras, Songs Without Borders, tells tales of the daily life in Mexico at www.corridos.org. These ballads began as a way for people to express their feelings. Today, corridos dominate the Latin music charts. Sing along as you listen to full-length songs from the 15th century and post-revolutionary days. An interactive timeline highlights pieces of Mexico's history that influenced songwriters. Four modern corrido musicians share stories about their inspiration. Perhaps this site will inspire you to write a corrido.

Visit: www.corridos.org
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Making Sweet Melodies Issue Date: 06-01-2003

Cool Spots imageTake one whole step, then a half step and you'll be on your musical way to Ricci Adams' Musictheory.net at www.musictheory.net. Quarter notes and time signatures may not be part of your vocabulary, but have no fear. You'll discover the ins and outs of music composition with this Web site. Learn about the difference between the treble and bass clefs as well as the purposes of meters and chords. Tutorials and trainers are sure to muster up a little musical talent in everyone. Try your hand and ear at your own composition using staff paper from the Web. Don't forget to dot and tie your notes.

Visit: www.musictheory.net
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Time for Ragtime Issue Date: 05-04-2003

Cool Spots imageThe Templeton Music Collection at http://digital.library.msstate.edu/collections/sheetmusic features a collection of original ragtime sheet music from turn-of-the-century America. Read descriptions of music types including fox-trots, war songs and minstrel music. Ragtime incorporated Caribbean and African drum rhythms with Western-style polkas. You can look at each song in its original sheet music form, with cover art that captures the spirit of the time. If you read music or know an instrument, download a song and play it.

Visit: http://digital.library.msstate.edu/collections/sheetmusic
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