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Cutting a Rug Issue Date: 04-10-2005

Cool Spots imageFred and Ginger invite you to Dance Online at www.dance-kids.org. In Dance Stories, read Nina's First Exam, Nina's First Show and Nina's First Dance Class. Then, become a Dance Detective and solve mysteries based on Nina's stories. Take a Lucky Dip to find information about the Cha Cha Cha or the Foxtrot. The Dance Gallery is full of pictures. You can add groovy effects to existing pictures or turn a picture into wallpaper. To check out the latest Dance-Kids news, visit the Notice Board. You'll boogie your way through this site.

Visit: www.dance-kids.org
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Painting the Dancer's Life Issue Date: 07-11-2004

Cool Spots imagePut on your slippers and pirouette to Degas and the Dance at www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/
. Edgar Degas lived in Paris, and he loved to put ballet dancers in his art. But his paintings show more than girls in pretty costumes. Roam through the galleries to see different sides of ballerina life. Degas' statue, "Little Dancer," drew much attention because he chose to sculpt a young girl rather than a well-known ballerina. Play Eye Spy where you try to find pink bows and pointed toes hidden in the paintings.

Visit: www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/exhibits/degas/flash/intro.html
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And One, and Two... Issue Date: 09-14-2003

Cool Spots imageGinger and Fred welcome you to Dance Kids at www.dance-kids.org. Twirl into the Dance Gallery to see pictures from the Cecchetti Ballet or of a Greek dance. Crazy Maze, Wicked Words and other games are sure to help you get your groove on. Spin across the dancing globe to Poland, Austria and Sweden and learn about each country's music, dances and costumes. Even if you have two left feet, you can make a dance drawing to post in the Kids Gallery.

Visit: www.dance-kids.org
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