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Jump with Joy Issue Date: 11-07-2010

Cool Spots imageThe National Arts Centre of Canada's ArtsAlive: Dance, www.artsalive.ca/en/dan, is an awesome resource for those who love dance or want to know more about it. Enroll in Dance 101 and learn the fundamentals about why people dance and some basic human anatomy that helps propel dancers high into the air. Understanding Dance will help build your appreciation as you learn to enjoy this art form with family and friends. Do not miss Making Dance, where every plie has a purpose. Now see if there are local dance classes or performances that you can attend.

Visit: www.artsalive.ca/en/dan
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Dancing Dreams Issue Date: 04-25-2010

Cool Spots imageStep into the shoes of Jordy, a modern dancer, at the Kennedy Centerís A Dancerís Journal, http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/interactives/
. Open Jordy's locker and see what is expected of her when she joins Martha Graham's dance company. Each role she takes on is featured in a book, so click on one, such as Lamentation, to learn all about the choreography, music and materials that go into the productions. This behind-the-scenes look is priceless for dance lovers and theater enthusiasts everywhere.

Visit: http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/interactives/marthagraham
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Beautiful Ballet Issue Date: 01-11-2009

Cool Spots imageCelebrate tutus, toe shoes and tights when you meet The Dancers and Degas at www.metmuseum.org/explore/dancers/index.html. Take a tour of the art gallery in Look Closely and zoom in on works featuring ballet. Get to know the man behind the art in Who Was Edgar Degas? which is full of fun facts about his life. If you are looking for something fun and creative, don't miss Things To Do, where you can make your own dance scene, send an e-card to a friend or create a poseur to replicate bodies in motion.

Visit: www.metmuseum.org/explore/dancers/index.html
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Express Yourself Issue Date: 07-22-2007

Cool Spots imageSing, draw and dance your way into Artopia at www.knowitall.org/artopia. Stop by the critic's corner in Painting as you learn what it takes to train your artistic eye. Carve out some special time to search through Sculpture, where you can meet famous sculptors and view their work. Dance invites you to pirouette, arabesque and plie through a short one-minute movie. Media mavens can stroll through the Studio to learn about production or sit through student productions to see what their peers are up to. No matter what your creative interest, this site has you covered!

Visit: www.knowitall.org/artopia
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Tiny Dancers Issue Date: 05-06-2007

Cool Spots imageAgile boys and graceful girls will pirouette with joy when they discover the beauty of ballet at Studio to Stage, http://library.thinkquest.org/21702/enhanced.html. The Dancer shows fledgling artists what to expect from the ballet profession. Learn about the importance of precise and flawless Technique as you turn, jump and pas de deux through amazing menu options. Knowledge of dance History is vital to an appreciation of this fluid art. Finally, prepare yourself for the Performance, a culmination of practice, choreography, costume design and more.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/21702/enhanced.html
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