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A Winning Combination Issue Date: 07-30-2006

Cool Spots imageArt and science come together online at www.princeton.edu/~artofsci/gallery, Princeton University’s first annual Art of Science Competition. Almost 100 students submitted works of art depicting their scientific research. Click on the art to see close-up pictures of the winning works with explanations of the chosen subjects. From Color Wheels to Reptiles, many facets of art and science are represented in this amazing display. Visit this site for ideas on how to promote a display in your school.

Visit: www.princeton.edu/~artofsci/gallery
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Let the Art Games Begin Issue Date: 09-18-2005

Cool Spots imageLet your artistic side run wild with Albright-Knox Art Games at www.kids.albrightknox.org/index_
, an interactive Web site about art and artists. Let Artie assist you in your art adventures. Welcome to Artie's House where nothing is off limits. Every object in Artie's house has something fun waiting for you. Open the cabinet and learn how artists use color. You are the artist in Your Own Studio, where you can splatter paint or create sculptures. In Games Gallery, play Mysterious Portraits, Mystery Players and Music and Literature. This site is a masterpiece.

Visit: www.kids.albrightknox.org/index_launched.html
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Art in Motion Issue Date: 01-30-2005

Cool Spots imageGet in touch with your creative side at www.sanford-artedventures.com/play/caveart. From Cave Art to Your Art: 30,000 Years of New Media lets you explore methods of art throughout history. You can create movies to share with your family and friends. Choose from tons of video clips about art modes such as paints, video, pencils and more. Upload images from your own computer to give your project a personal touch. Add text and choose from a list of various music styles. Give your work an original title and, voila, you've made your own movie!

Visit: www.sanford-artedventures.com/play/caveart
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Mexican Modernism Issue Date: 10-03-2004

Cool Spots imageA conservator sees through layers of paint to view artists' secret painting techniques. Peer beneath the paint of four masterpieces at The Conservator's Studio at www.seattleartmuseum. org/exhibit/interactives/mexican Modernism/enter.asp. You'll learn the terms, tools and tricks of the conservator's trade, such as using infrared light to reveal hidden layers in an artwork. You can explore four paintings by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo to see how the works look through the eyes of the typical museum visitor. Then view them with the X-ray vision of a conservator.

Visit: www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/interactives/mexicanModernism/enter.asp
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Da Vinci View Issue Date: 09-19-2004

Cool Spots imageLearn about the inventive spirit of Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci at www.museoscienza.org/english/leonardo. Da Vinci dreamed of a day when ordinary men could fly like birds, so he designed a pair of mechanical wings for himself. Take a look at this amazing invention and others in Machines. Most people would agree that da Vinci's mind soared above the average. Get a glimpse inside his mind with several of his detailed manuscripts. You'll even find da Vinci's vision of the ideal city.

Visit: www.museoscienza.org/english/leonardo
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