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Interpret the Beast Issue Date: 03-27-2011

Cool Spots imagePacific Asia Museum's Nature of the Beast, www.pacificasiamuseum.org/
, is an artistic resource for animal lovers. Begin with the timeline, where Japanese history will flash before your eyes, highlighted by beautiful works of animal art. Take note of the red diamonds for information on events that helped shape the Edo period. Then play fun and educational games such as Find the Beetle and create your own beast with Monster Generator. You can also weigh in on your favorite artwork when you Pick a Fav.

Visit: www.pacificasiamuseum.org/japanesepaintings
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Through Her Eyes Issue Date: 07-04-2010

Cool Spots imageImagine your life without all of the comforts you know now, such as running water and electricity. Get a glimpse of what that kind of life was like for Henrietta Johnston at www.gibbesmuseum
. Johnston was the first professional female artist in America, and in spite of the hardships of life in Charles Town, S.C., she managed to support her family with money she earned from her art. Scroll through the timeline to see her beautiful pastels, and then share this site with other art and history lovers.

Visit: www.gibbesmuseum.org/explore/johnston_interactive/kids
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Look A Little Closer Issue Date: 05-23-2010

Cool Spots imageJoin the pack as The Country Dog Gentlemen Travel to Extraordinary Worlds at http://countrydogs.sfmoma
. These two curious canines are just waiting for a click of your mouse to tell you their tales. Choose a relic of art from among several different pieces to get the dogs’ perspective on it. This pair of crazy-looking pooches will explain symbolism, color and other hidden meanings in popular works of modern art. These history-making objects will allow you to remember important dates in a new way.

Visit: http://countrydogs.sfmoma.org
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Hofmann's Many Hats Issue Date: 04-18-2010

Cool Spots imageHans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artisit, www.pbs.org/hanshofmann, chronicles a man who has influenced generations of students with his works. Stop by Hofmann's Legacy to discover famous pupils who trained under him and how he taught them to discover their own inner artist. The Photo Gallery helps to put faces to names and allows you to understand Hoffman's life in a visual context. Move over to Selected Works and see Hoffman's talents on display in paintings such as "Portrait of Maria Wolfegg” and “Pointalist Still Life."

Visit: www.pbs.org/hanshofmann
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Face to Face Issue Date: 03-28-2010

Cool Spots imageThe National Portrait Gallery’s Portraiture Now: Communities, http://npg.si.edu/exhibit/communities, encourages storytelling through portrait art. These paintings of friends, neighbors and family members are meant to open our eyes to the importance of community. Click on a painting to discover individuals who were captured in time by one of three artists. Maybe this site will inspire you to document in a new way the people who are close to you, and to tell your own story about the people you see.

Visit: http://npg.si.edu/exhibit/communities
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