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An Artist's Perspective Issue Date: 02-17-2013

Cool Spots imageIf you like modern art, you will enjoy Painting With Elizabeth Murray, joy2learn.org/painting. Find out what she was like when she was your age in Growing Up. She didn't even like to color because she couldn't stay in the lines! Watch videos about each topic, then solve the puzzles in Activities. Click objects in My Studio to discover her favorite artists, how she creates color and what role her family plays in her work. In the MoMA Tour she shares some of her favorite pieces and the creative thought process in her art.

Visit: joy2learn.org/painting
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Behind the Canvas Issue Date: 12-23-2012

Cool Spots imageCharacters in paintings come to life in the National Gallery of Art's Children's Video Tour, nga.gov/
. You can join artists and their subjects in their own time periods to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning behind these magnificent works. Experience the action from the white horse's perspective in Raphael's "Saint George and the Dragon." Do you like to dance? Join "The Dancing Couple" as they gather with friends and family to celebrate a village festival. Play hide and seek with Monet's own little boy as you step into “The Artist's Garden at Vétheuil," near Paris.

Visit: nga.gov/education/timetravel
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Masterpiece Unveiled Issue Date: 09-30-2012

Cool Spots imageKansas City's Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art presents Monet's Water Lilies, interact.nelson-atkins.org/monet, a detailed study of a masterpiece. Painting Detail lets you study the artist's brushwork in a series of vivid close-ups. View the rich textures and read about his techniques, then move on to Monet’s Colors. Microscopic photos allow us to see the pigments Monet used in his work. Now it's time for you to Paint Like Monet. You may find inspiration in natural images or choose a blank canvas to start. Once you are finished, Save your painting and view it in the Gallery.

Visit: interact.nelson-atkins.org/monet
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Inuit Art Issue Date: 07-08-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Canadian Museum of Civilization presents Inuit Prints from Cape Dorset, civilization.ca/capedorsetprints. This national treasure spans five decades and offers a unique look at the history of art and culture in Canada. Each print involves two artists and a combination of techniques such as stonecut or etching. Read about the process and listen to interviews with printmakers and artists as you explore each page. Once you've seen the collection, visit Play and become a translator, solve a puzzle or take a quiz!

Visit: civilization.ca/capedorsetprints
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Not the Rat Pack Issue Date: 05-01-2011

Cool Spots imageThe Pre-Raph Pack, www.pre-raphs.bmagonline.org, is a wonderful resource for budding and experienced artists alike. This site boasts truly amazing material that highlights the different techniques that artists in this British “brotherhood” used while honing their craft. You can search through the timeline to find out about the people and events that influenced these artists. Before you move on, click on “Who” to see who was who among the famous pre-Raphaelite painters.

Visit: www.pre-raphs.bmagonline.org
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