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Color Creation Issue Date: 02-23-2003

Cool Spots imageTake a close look at the colors on the canvas and learn about Pigments Through the Ages at http://webexhibits.org/pigments. From animal fat to vegetable juices, artists have used it all to make pigments. Travel to a modern-day pigment shop in Italy to see the raw materials that artists use to create beautiful colors for their paintings. Consider the significance each color has as you create a masterpiece of your own. Then seal the surface of your painting so your work will last.

Visit: http://webexhibits.org/pigments
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Van Gogh: Larger Than Life Issue Date: 01-05-2003

Cool Spots imageLearn about Vincent van Gogh, the master painter who cut off his own ear, at http://library.thinkquest.org/C001734. Read interesting quotes in the Flash introduction of Van Gogh at Etten, Sketches and Billboards. About Vincent's Life includes a timeline that spans his 37 years. You'll find some of van Gogh's sketches and paintings online, including landscapes and portraits. A unique student project in Etten, Netherlands, displays giant van Gogh reproductions along a stretch of highway. This site is as lovely as a "Starry Night."

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/C001734
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Access Art With New Appreciation Issue Date: 07-07-2002

Cool Spots imageThe best place to AccessArt on the Web is at www.accessart.org.uk. Aim, focus, shoot and view amazing photography. From sculpture to drawing to understanding symbols in paintings, this collection of online art activities has something to delight everyone. You'll be astounded how Installation Art can brighten up wide-open spaces. The Working with Withies workshop demonstrates the creation of beautiful art out of long, willow sticks. You can also learn about Casting and Construction. AccessArt online today.

Visit: www.accessart.org.uk
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A. Pintura: Art Detective Issue Date: 12-02-2001

Cool Spots imageA magnifying glass and detective hat will fit like a glove at www.eduweb.com/pintura when you take on the Case of Grandpa's Painting as A. Pintura: Art Detective. Miss Featherduster needs your help in identifying the artist of her grandfather's mystery painting. Compare and contrast works from famous artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh to identify similar styles, colors and subjects. Then solve the case, detective

Visit: www.eduweb.com/pintura
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Legend and Legacy Issue Date: 07-04-1999

Cool Spots imageDiscover the legends, opinions and insights of African-American culture by visiting African-American History Through the Arts, a detailed Web site that covers various periods of creative thought over thousands of years. Prepare yourself for some spell-binding visuals at http://cghs.dade.k12.fl.us/african-american including paintings, masks, sculptures and even television programs. Start your adventure by traveling to exotic locales such as Algeria and Libya, where you'll see engravings depicting wild animals, as well as the hunting rituals of the tribal people. Back in America, you'll be able to catch glimpses of the Boston Massacre, Civil War paintings, and beautiful photographs that show the perils of plantation life, as well as icons like Frederick Douglass and the first African-American U.S. Marine.

Visit: http://cghs.dade.k12.fl.us/african-american
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