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Color Me Green or Blue or... Issue Date: 06-23-1996

Cool Spots imageYou can always stay within the lines when you point and click to color the image of the Leprechaun. Choose from the color palette then click on an area you wish to become that color. At Carlos' coloring book, www.coloring.com you can choose among six pictures to color. When you're finished coloring in Carlos' book, head on over to http://winnie.acsu.buffalo.edu/potatoe and play edible, starchy tuberhead (a.k.a.,"Mr. Potatohead"). Choose among the funny ears, eyes, noses, feet and mustaches to create your own amiable spud. You'll love the funny pictures and the movie of the flying potato. But don't stop there, because you'll find lots of "Mr. Potatoheads" on the Web. For a fancier (but slower loading) site, you can go to: http://westnet.com/~crywalt/pothead/pothead.html. By the way, how do YOU spell potato(e)? (The second and third sites are no longer available.)

Visit: www.coloring.com
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