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Inventor Haven Issue Date: 03-16-2003

Cool Spots imageInvention at Play at www.inventionatplay
lets you peer inside the minds of people such as James McLurkin, who built his first robot at 15. Read about McLurkin's and other inventors' stories. The Invention Playhouse has four interactive games that stretch your imagination. Construct a track with objects such as coils, pipes and hammers, and experiment with ways to get the tinker ball to the goal. You can add to Word Play, an ongoing story about invention, or be a cloud dreamer and design a cloud.

Visit: www.inventionatplay.org
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Wood Pulp, Not Orange Pulp Issue Date: 12-29-2002

Cool Spots imageMake your watermark with Paper Online at www.paperonline.org and learn about the paper cycle and the history of paper. You'll find information about paper grades and products, and you can read about issues regarding paper and the environment. Use the glossary and the archived questions and answers to increase your depth of learning. After you have built up your paper knowledge, try making some of your own.

Visit: www.paperonline.org
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Makin' Crafts Issue Date: 11-10-2002

Cool Spots imageGet your Hands on Crafts at www.handsoncrafts.
. At Studio 1, get down and dirty with clay. You can learn the secrets of making coil pots and practice throwing on a virtual wheel. If you don't feel like getting dirty, head to Studio 2. It has tons of fun craft activities, such as weaving, basket-making and quilting. Emma knows all the in-and-outs of weaving, and Bendria can teach you to make a basket. If you need a quick present for mom or dad, create your own slab self-portrait. Make sure to check out the Mud Works Gallery and the current exhibit.

Visit: www.handsoncrafts.org
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Whirli-whats? Issue Date: 08-18-2002

Cool Spots imageExpect the unexpected on this farm. From Windmills to Whirligigs, check them out at www.sci.mus.mn.us/sln/vollis. Contraptions such as the band whirligig come alive when physics, art and wind are combined. While visiting the farm, Meet Vollis Simpson, the man behind the inventions. Follow a Whirlwind Tour of the farm in comic book format. Then Make Connections beyond the farm with the Camera Van and the Thinking Fountain. Finally, get blown away as you try ideas offered by students.

Visit: www.sci.mus.mn.us/sln/vollis
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Warning: Entering Paper Cut Zone Issue Date: 09-30-2001

Cool Spots imageVisit www.origami.as to explore Joseph Wu's Origami Page. Check out the scenic origami displays. The gallery has various animals, creatures of myth and other folded objects on display. In the Information section you can research the origins of paper folding and how it became so popular. Then learn about the preparation of washi, or handmade Japanese paper. Have fun in the fold-tastic world of origami, but be careful not to get a paper cut.

Visit: www.origami.as
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