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Cultural Crafts Issue Date: 11-19-2006

Cool Spots imageDiscover something new about Native American culture when you create traditional crafts and toys at www.teachersfirst.com/lessons/nativecrafts. htm. You can make a beautiful, festive corn husk doll in 12 easy steps. Show your creative side by decorating your room with a dream catcher or some pinch pots like those used by Eastern Woodland Native Americans. Has all your festive artistry made your belly rumble? Sample Native American recipes such as Wild Green Salad or Boiled Corn. Happy Thanksgiving!

Visit: www.teachersfirst.com/lessons/nativecrafts
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Fancy Folding Issue Date: 11-12-2006

Cool Spots imagePrint and fold a zoo of paper creatures at www.tammyyee.com/origami.html. If you are feeling swimmingly creative, make an ocean diorama with dolphins and whales. Fold your own decorations for almost any holiday, including a turkey and pilgrim's hat for Thanksgiving. For more printable fun, be sure to scroll through the Puzzles and Coloring sections. Ready for a challenge? Follow the link to Merlin's Castle, for instructions on how to build an amazing paper castle, complete with knights and a working drawbridge. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.tammyyee.com/origami.html
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A Crease in Time Issue Date: 07-10-2005

Cool Spots imageDiscover a different form of art with Exploring Origami at www.exploratorium.org/exploring/paper. Origami, the art of paper folding, began in China. To learn more of its history, visit Sadako Sasaki. In Openback Twist Octagons, you can read about tessellations and the importance they play in origami design. In Flasher Hat, view a RealVideo clip of an origami hat design. Before you can master this art form, you've got to master the basics. Try This contains a step-by-step, pictorial guide to Making Paper Airplanes. No scissors allowed!

Visit: www.exploratorium.org/exploring/paper
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How Does Your Printer Go? Issue Date: 11-23-2003

Cool Spots imageHave you ever asked, "What is a print?" If you have, then go to www.moma.org/
. Woodcutting was the earliest technique used for printmaking. Learn about four printmaking processes: screenprint, woodcut, lithography and etching, each with interactive Flash demonstrations. The Gallery provides examples of prints made using the different printing methods as well as a short bio of each print. Now, start printing.

Visit: www.moma.org/whatisaprint/flash.html
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Illuminations Issue Date: 06-22-2003

Cool Spots imagePound out the basics of making a manuscript with Leaves of Gold: Treasures of Manuscript Illumination at www.leavesofgold.org. Leaf through the history of manuscripts and learn about their functions in medieval European society. Monks and professional artisans illuminated manuscripts using gold and ground-up jewels. Their beautiful artwork decorates medieval books such as literary texts and psalters. View some illuminations and learn about the manuscripts they are found in.

Visit: www.leavesofgold.org
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