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Fabulous Felting Issue Date: 11-29-2009

Cool Spots imageGet a good feel for a new material at Fashioning Felt, http://archive.cooperhewitt.org/fashioning-felt/exhibitions.cooperhewitt.org/Fashioning-Felt/index.html, where textile fans will find tons of cool facts on felt and discover the many ways it can be used. Peruse the Process, where you will learn one method used to make felt and get to see great photos of artists in action as they create carpets from felt. Objects will open your eyes to the popular projects that people take on with colorful examples of clothes, art, rugs and more! For further felt inspiration, click on Blog to discover felting all over the world.

Visit: http://archive.cooperhewitt.org/fashioning-felt/exhibitions.cooperhewitt.org/Fashioning-Felt/index.html
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Finger Folding Fun Issue Date: 08-10-2008

Cool Spots imageMake awesome origami art at Kids Web Japan's Exploring Origami, http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/virtual/origami2. Celebrate Japanese culture when you download practice paper with special lines that will guide you as you create your art. If you want some inspiration, the Origami Gallery has great photos featuring beautiful paper projects of many shapes and sizes, such as land animals and flowering trees. Be sure to check out Origami Trivia for neat factoids about the special meanings behind this Japanese art.

Visit: http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/virtual/origami2
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Turn It On and Tune In Issue Date: 06-15-2008

Cool Spots imageChase the boredom blues away at Activity TV, www.activitytv.com. Future builders, jewelry makers, scientists, artists and many others will find projects designed with their interests in mind. Break out your wand and top hat in Magic, where you can find tricks to mesmerize your friends and family members. If your room needs a makeover, find cool projects like building a cork bar, making a fashion pillow or a pirate lampshade. With so many choices, you are certain to find the perfect way to keep yourself busy.

Visit: www.activitytv.com
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Art at Your Fingertips Issue Date: 02-17-2008

Cool Spots imageA gloriously good time awaits you and your artsy friends at I Am An Artist, www.iamanartist.ie. Each category features video lessons to help you learn. Jump into Paint and Color to explore the many different ways to use amazing hues. Next, mold your mind in Clay where you can get great tips and ideas on how to make cool projects like pots or necklaces. If want to wear your creations, check out Tie and Dye in Fabric and Fiber where cool tees are a breeze to make. Before you leave, go over to Construction and try your hand at puppets.

Visit: www.iamanartist.ie
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@rt For You Issue Date: 12-30-2007

Cool Spots imageTeachers and students come together in a search for artistic inspiration at @rt junction, www.artjunction.org/art
. Just like writers get writer's block, some artists need a little push to create a masterpiece. Art Sparkers is the perfect place to explode out of your art funk. Explore what family means to you by pulling out a photo of the ones you love and let your paintbrush or crayons take over. Next, practice looking and drawing skills in Give Yourself a Hand. Reveal your talent in the Art of Camouflage where a few magazines and a pair of scissors will help you replicate nature's wonders.

Visit: www.artjunction.org/artsparkers.php
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