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Shining a Light on Africa Issue Date: 11-16-2008

Cool Spots imageOpen your eyes to different kinds of African culture and see how they come together at The Seattle Art Museum's Art from Africa, www.seattleartmuseum.org/Exhibit/Archive/
. Mouse over the many artists' photos and see what beautiful pieces each visionary creator contributed to this fascinating and colorful exhibit. Next, click on List of Works to scroll through many different types of art, such as the sculpture Dancewand for Sango and a textile wonder, Hunter's Vest. There are many to look at, so take your time and enjoy.

Visit: www.seattleartmuseum.org/Exhibit/Archive/longsteps/default.htm
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Turning Japanese Issue Date: 11-02-2008

Cool Spots imageOpen up the window for cross-cultural learning when you click on The Library of Congress' art exhibition, On the Cutting Edge, at www.loc.gov/exhibits/cwaj. Venture into the Online Exhibition and feast your eyes on wondrous works of Japanese art. Many paintings feature nature, with subjects ranging from animals such as owls to beautiful dogwood trees. There are also modern artworks, including "A Moment" and "Reflection." No matter your taste, this site will broaden your understanding and appreciation of Japanese art.

Visit: www.loc.gov/exhibits/cwaj
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Depression-Era Art Issue Date: 10-12-2008

Cool Spots imageWhile the economy suffered, the arts flourished during the Great Depression. Discover what this meant for artists at A New Deal for the Arts, www.archives.
. Artists, supported by the government, produced works that depicted the hardships of hardworking Americans who lived through those tough years, and highlighted President Roosevelt's programs. Browse through these pages and get a good look at the Great Depression.

Visit: www.archives.gov/exhibits/new_deal_for_the_arts
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Indian Art Issue Date: 10-05-2008

Cool Spots imageUncover the meaning behind numerous pieces of Native American art at Gifts Given by the Creator, http://researcharchive.calacademy.org/research/
. This online museum features many artists and highlights the important cultural meanings in their expressions. Take a virtual stroll through a plethora of galleries, and then meet some of the creative minds behind the exhibits in Artists. Click on their photos to reveal what inspires them, see where they went to school and discover why they love what they do.

Visit: http://researcharchive.calacademy.org/research/anthropology/art
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Westward Bound Issue Date: 08-31-2008

Cool Spots imageView the beauty of a unique style at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, www.rockwellmuseum.org/collections/Cowboys.html, also known as "The Best of the West in the East." Travel into the Wilderness and scroll through artistic depictions of the region. If you love animals, Horses will explain how important these animals were for America, from their importation to their historical influence. This site is will give you a new understanding of the American West, it's history and inhabitants.

Visit: www.rockwellmuseum.org/collections/Cowboys.html
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