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Surroundings, Speak! Issue Date: 11-15-2009

Cool Spots imageTalking Objects from The Museum Network, www.museumnetworkuk.org/talking, will help you form a new appreciation of the past with artifacts, relics and artwork. The Themes will walk you through common ideas presented in art, such as conflict, worship and even death. Understanding the importance of these themes in various cultures explains how societies other than our own view art, and why its creation is important even now. Next take in the sights at The Gallery to view a selection of famous works and obtain an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Visit: www.museumnetworkuk.org/talking
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Touching History Issue Date: 10-25-2009

Cool Spots imageThere is no need to be "on site" as you take a stroll through the Virtual Hampson Museum, http://hampsonmuseum.cast.uark.edu. This Web site uses cutting edge 3-D technology to bring American Indian artifacts to life. The museum, near Wilson, Ark., is home to a diverse selection of native art from the Nodena people. Click on Browse the Collection and use your mouse to highlight the object you want to "get in touch" with. Unlike real museums, this 3-D application makes handling these amazing works acceptable. Have fun with this hands-on experience.

Visit: http://hampsonmuseum.cast.uark.edu
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Moments to Remember Issue Date: 05-24-2009

Cool Spots imageRevisit history when you stroll though the Seattle Art Museum's John Trumbull Paints the American Revolution, www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/
. Enter The Declaration of Independence to see Trumbull's painting in detail. Mouse around and click on the different numbers to find out interesting info or neat facts about the order in which subjects were painted. Before you move on, learn why Washington left his post in The Resignation of General Washington. Celebrate our American history today!

Visit: www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/interactives/yale_rollover
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A Whole New World Issue Date: 04-12-2009

Cool Spots imageVenture into Aminah's World, http://aminahs
, to see art patched together from everyday objects with amazing creativity. Click on Meet and get to know Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson as you discover how her life's events have influenced her art. Browse through Aminah's timeline at the top of the page to see how her parents inspired her work. Then visit Understand to learn cool, original vocabulary, such as "hogmawg," she learned from her mom and dad and later applied to her own craft. Lastly, view her pieces in See.

Visit: http://aminahsworld.org
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Family Fun at the Museum Issue Date: 11-30-2008

Cool Spots imageJoin the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Families and Children in American Art at www.lacma.org/programs/familygame/index.aspx, where you will play games and get a creative boost. Mouse around on the top of the page to highlight different works of art. Then click on one to begin, and keep your eyes peeled. You will have to search for four objects using a magnifying glass. Juicy tidbits of information will unveil themselves, and once you have solved the puzzle, you can add text balloons that will bring these works to life.

Visit: www.lacma.org/programs/familygame/index.aspx
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