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A Web of Art At the Met Issue Date: 12-24-2000

Cool Spots imageTake a virtual tour of one of the largest museums of its kind. Grab your sketch pad and head to the online version of New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art at www.metmuseum.org. The first installment in its online collection includes more than 3,500 works in categories ranging from American decorative arts, arms and armor, and Asian art to Greek and Roman art, modern art, musical instruments and photographs. The Explore and Learn section includes interactive exhibits. Be sure to visit the Just for Fun section and play the Carpet Hunt game. You can also learn about a Korean dragon, search for the symbol in a sculpture, and discover what "celadon" is. There's lots of fun waiting for you at The Met.

Visit: www.metmuseum.org
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Adventures with Art Issue Date: 10-22-2000

Cool Spots imageGrab a paintbrush and your computer mouse, and head to NGA Kids at www.nga.gov/kids/kids.htm. This high-tech National Gallery of Art Web site features interactive explorations of exciting paintings by Tissot, Kandinsky and more. Then experience the animated musical adventure, "Lizzy & Gordon Visit the Sculpture Garden." When you've had your fill, maybe you'll be inspired to paint your own masterpiece. Enjoy.

Visit: www.nga.gov/kids/kids.htm
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Interactive Art Experience Issue Date: 09-17-2000

Cool Spots imageThere are few museums as fun as this one. The Museum of Web Art is the place for online art exhibits and musical stories. Let Kendra lead you on a guided tour. In the Visitor's Center, docents are ready to direct you to any part of the museum you would like to see. In the Kids Wing, Dot will show you exciting activities, such as online modeling clay and the polychromatic millipede. Find sensational interactive art and more at www.mowa.org.

Visit: www.mowa.org
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High-Tech Humanities Issue Date: 07-30-2000

Cool Spots imageJump into the high-tech world of the Virtual Smithsonian at http://2k.si.edu. You'll find great sites about art, history, music and more. History buffs will love the Remembering Gallery, with exhibits about the Civil War, the American presidents and famous inventors. Or brush up on your pop culture by getting the scoop on the country's best-loved films, books, music and athletic events. The Discovery Gallery features great American land and sea expeditions. Interested in space? Then visit Reaching Beyond the Earth, a section all about space exploration. At the Virtual Smithsonian, you'll get the full story--in high-tech style.

Visit: http://2k.si.edu
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Project Art Issue Date: 05-28-2000

Cool Spots imageBring your chisel and creativity to the Arts Workshop at www.childrensmuseum.org/
. This site features great info on the art of sculpture, multimedia puppetry and art activities to do at home. Be sure to check out the sculptures at the site, including the monkey pyramid and the rattle. You can also create your own multimedia puppet show. Let loose your imagination at The Arts Workshop.

Visit: www.childrensmuseum.org/artsworkshop
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