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Man of Masterpieces Issue Date: 04-21-2002

Cool Spots imageThe magnificence and genius of the artist Michelangelo Buon- arroti is on display at www.michelangelo.com/buonarroti.html. Travel back to 1475 and explore Michel- angelo's Early Life in Italy. He spent many of his Mid Years working on the Sistine Chapel in Rome. He spent his Final Days in solitude, writing poetry and remodeling the buildings surrounding the Campidoglio. You can view samples of his work throughout the site. Delve into Michelangelo's world today.

Visit: www.michelangelo.com/buonarroti.html
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Minneapolis Institute of Arts Issue Date: 03-10-2002

Cool Spots image The Minneapolis Institute of Arts houses unique and beautiful paintings, sculptures and photographs, which are available online at www.artsmia.org. Be Surrounded by Beauty by exploring the Native American history and culture online exhibition. Interactive Media provides a coloring book and sends you on a treasure hunt. Visit General Interest for a taste of everything. You can share artwork with your friends via an E-Postcard featuring a work from the institute's collection. Visit this cultural hub of the U.S. Midwest.

Visit: www.artsmia.org
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What's a Guggenheim? Issue Date: 11-18-2001

Cool Spots imageGet a taste of the five Guggenheim museums from around the world at www.guggenheim.org. You'll find a variety of awesome exhibits and collections. View more than 200 artists' works in Venice, Italy, without having to float down a canal. The museum in Berlin, Germany, lets you say "Guten tag" to your friends with a Guggenheim e-card. Even if you can't speak Spanish, you can still enjoy the awe-inspiring architecture in Bilbao, Spain. Hop on a 1969 Harley-Davidson Easy Rider Chopper under the bright lights of Las Vegas and ride toward the highway. Your trip isn't complete until you hit the museum in New York, where you can explore anything from film to jazz. Future art critics and world travelers alike will love this site.

Visit: www.guggenheim.org
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Windows on the Art World Issue Date: 10-28-2001

Cool Spots imageMicrosoft revolutionzed the computer world with its Windows software. Now you can find out how Microsoft has also opened windows on the art world with the Microsoft Art Collection at www.microsoft.com/
. Since 1987, Microsoft has been collecting eclectic pieces of art to brighten its work environment. The private collection is not available for public viewing, so Micro-soft shares its artwork on this exciting Web site. You can view current or past exhibits or take a stroll through the recent acquisitions. To date, Microsoft has collected 2,700 works displayed in 74 Microsoft employment locations. Enjoy this site where art and technology live in harmony.

Visit: www.microsoft.com/mscorp/artcollection
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Art -- Chicago-Style Issue Date: 06-17-2001

Cool Spots imageGrab your brush and palette and head to the Art Institute of Chicago Web site at www.artic.edu/aic. Enter at View the Collections to find the galleries. You can view paintings by clicking on the pictures. You can also play interactive art games with the QuickTime and Shockwave plug-ins. Learn about famous artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso. Finally, explore online exhibits about decorative painting and Chinese art.

Visit: www.artic.edu/aic
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