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Destination Modern Art Issue Date: 05-30-2004

Cool Spots imageWhat is it like to be a little green alien in a big museum? Find out on an interactive journey to Destination Modern Art at www.moma.org/
. You can explore van Gogh's "Starry Night" by running your mouse over the painting to hear church bells ring and the wind blow. For lesser-known art, head to P.S.1, a school where people have created artwork in unexpected places. One artwork is a room with a hole on top for you to watch your own starry night swirl around.

Visit: www.moma.org/interactives/destination
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UK-raziness Issue Date: 05-02-2004

Cool Spots imageDo you know what kids in the United Kingdom are into? To find out, shout, "Show Me!" at www.show.me.uk, and see crazy, fun kid stuff from museums and galleries in the United Kingdom. From the natural world to art and design, pictures and stories broaden your world. In Show and Tell, you'll find written and artistic works by kids. The Fish Olympics and Acne Attack are just two games found in Games and Fun. An interactive map allows you to explore the United Kingdom and learn about more places to visit.

Visit: www.show.me.uk
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Expressing Feelings With Art Issue Date: 12-07-2003

Cool Spots imageThe Ateneum for Children at the Finnish National Gallery at www.fng.fi/fng/html4/en/ateneum/children/cont is a collection of artwork that portrays human feelings. This joyful painting by Hugo Simberg shows parts of the world that are seen only with the heart and imagination. A sculpture of Andromeda by Johannes Takanen displays the princess in her solitude. Other works depict sorrow, companionship and compassion.

Visit: www.fng.fi/fng/html4/en/ateneum/children/cont
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Art Makes Smart Issue Date: 09-28-2003

Cool Spots imageA palate of colorful art awaits smARTkids at http://smartmuseum.uchicago.edu/smartkids. The tour of a photographer's studio will show you what it takes to develop a picture of a Chicago landmark. Use the online journal to record observations of and reactions to sculptures, pottery and paintings. Fear not if you aren't an art historian. Art Speak will clear up any confusion you may have about art jargon, and deductive reasoning will help you solve the case of the scrambled art

Visit: http://smartmuseum.uchicago.edu/smartkids
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What's in a Face? Issue Date: 09-07-2003

Cool Spots imageMake Eye Contact with famous portraitists and their subjects at www.npg.si.edu/cexh/eye. The National Portrait Gallery's online exhibit takes you on a tour of American portraiture from the 1880s to the 1980s. Some portraits are funny to behold, such as the one of "Bojangles" Robinson, while others, such as Everett Shinn's self-portrait, are dramatic. Read how psychology and science influenced artists in Experimental Portraiture. Though some portraits are abstract, they hint at the personality behind the face.

Visit: www.npg.si.edu/cexh/eye
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