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Explore the Met Issue Date: 03-06-2016

Cool Spots imageThe Metropolitan Museum of Art invites you to uncover priceless works of art at MetKids, metmuseum.org/collection/metkids. Explore the Map, where red and yellow pins lead to exciting exhibits such as the ancient Egyptian Tomb of Perneb, hidden for more than 4,000 years. Enter the Time Machine, where treasures appear at your fingertips when you select topics such as Inventions, Creatures, Secrets and more. If you canít decide, press the forbidden red and green buttons and let the machine surprise you.

Visit: http://metmuseum.org/collection/metkids
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Meet the Inventor Issue Date: 05-24-2015

Cool Spots imageThe Museum of Science invites you to join Leonardo da Vinci in the Inventorís Workshop, legacy.mos.org/sln/Leonardo/InventorsWorkshop.html. Throughout his life, Leonardo kept journals with sketches of his ideas. He was more than a brilliant artist; he was also an inventor who understood machines and imagined new ways to build and use them. In Visions of the Future, click on modern inventions like the helicopter and army tank to see his sketches of them. Visit Florence, Italy, in What, Where, When? to learn about his early life.

Visit: http://legacy.mos.org/sln/Leonardo/InventorsWorkshop.html
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Art Adventure Issue Date: 03-01-2015

Cool Spots imageTake a trip to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, where youíll receive a note from a mysterious character. Meet Me at Midnight, americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/online/midnight/default_flash.html, gives you a virtual tour of paintings and other works of art in the museum. Artifacts such as a headless horseman will come to life. The Big City Skyline is jumbled Ė try to reassemble it correctly. Complete each task and receive a code word and a clue that will assist you in solving a mystery. At the end of the journey, a friend will help you put all the clues together.

Visit: http://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/online/midnight/default_flash.html
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Examine the Details Issue Date: 02-01-2015

Cool Spots imageWhen you look at a work of art, do you see patterns, colors or objects? Play Detail Detective at the Getty Museum, getty.edu/gettygames/detectives. Pick a subject, examine photographs or paintings, and determine which details come from the masterpiece or historical object. Choose from Creatures, Swanky Surfaces, Body Parts and Architecture. In Swanky Surfaces, match details to photos of museum objects ó they look different outside of the object. Think fast: You have 40 seconds for each game. Click on the green book to Learn About the Art.

Visit: http://getty.edu/gettygames/detectives
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Build a Machine Issue Date: 08-31-2014

Cool Spots imageJoin Twitch as he collects spare robot parts throughout the Museum of Science and Industry. Itís up to you to help him build Simple Machines, msichicago.org/play/simplemachines, so he can gather the items he needs. Simple machines allow you to complete a task with less force. Have you ever wondered how an elevator can lift so many people? A simple machine helps accomplish this task. Can you guess which one? In the Wheel and Axel game, Twitch has several parts to pick up. Help him select the best wheels for the job. See your results at the end.

Visit: http://msichicago.org/play/simplemachines
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