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Camera Ready Issue Date: 09-21-2008

Cool Spots imageReceive a virtual lesson in photography at Through the Lens, www.whyte.org/lens. First, head over to Equipment and Darkroom for tips on how to take and develop a photograph. Then train your eyes in The Art of Seeing, where you will learn what questions to ask yourself when you look at or take pictures. If you need extra inspiration, take a tour through the Gallery, where many black and white images are on display. Now get out your camera and turn the lens on the world surrounding you.

Visit: www.whyte.org/lens
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Here's Lookin' at You Issue Date: 12-23-2007

Cool Spots imageLost, forgotten or discarded photos find a new home at Look at Me, http://moderna.org/lookatme. Some creative minds began the project with just a few photos found on a street in Paris, and now the site contains over 600 images. Check out the home page for the most recent photos added to the Look at Me gallery. If you happen to find any old photographs you would like to submit, read through the rules and see if you can pass on your timeless treasures. These are moments captured in time, lost to some but found and appreciated by many.

Visit: http://moderna.org/lookatme
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Shadow Art Issue Date: 08-26-2007

Cool Spots imageBob Miller's Light Walk, www.exploratorium.
, is an artistic endeavor sure to delight the senses. Miller's unique work introduces you to new ways to look at the intricacies of light. Find a friend and take off on a sunny day to do your own light walk. Feeling crafty? Take a hands-on approach to photography and record the world around you when you make your own pinhole camera. Get out a slide projector and replicate what you saw on your walk to entertain friends.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/sln/light_walk/lw_main.html
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Let the Art Games Begin Issue Date: 09-18-2005

Cool Spots imageLet your artistic side run wild with Albright-Knox Art Games at www.kids.albrightknox.org/index_
, an interactive Web site about art and artists. Let Artie assist you in your art adventures. Welcome to Artie's House where nothing is off limits. Every object in Artie's house has something fun waiting for you. Open the cabinet and learn how artists use color. You are the artist in Your Own Studio, where you can splatter paint or create sculptures. In Games Gallery, play Mysterious Portraits, Mystery Players and Music and Literature. This site is a masterpiece.

Visit: www.kids.albrightknox.org/index_launched.html
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Do You Get It? Issue Date: 07-04-2004

Cool Spots imageWhen you look at a photograph in a museum, do you know its meaning? Find out how to Get the Picture at www.artsmia.org/get-the-picture. You'll learn about the lives and works of seven photographers, including Czech surrealist Eva Fuka. One of her photographs shows a girl dancing beneath a looming statue. Zoom in on details and use the buttons on the side to learn more about the photos. By interacting with the pictures, you'll see how the styles of the photographers shine through in their work.

Visit: www.artsmia.org/get-the-picture
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