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For a Cause Issue Date: 06-05-2005

Cool Spots imageGet ready for the adventure of a lifetime. At www.peacecorps.gov/kids, you can catch a glimpse of the global view inspired by the Peace Corps. Volunteering for the Peace Corps is a major commitment. Learn its history and goals as well as duties of the volunteers in What Is the Peace Corps. You don't have to be in the Peace Corps to be a volunteer. Make a Difference shows you ways you can get involved in your own community. Pack Your Bags contains a tricky game to test your knowledge of the corps and different cultures you'll encounter on your journey. You'd better get packing!

Visit: www.peacecorps.gov/kids
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The Good Neightbor Policy Issue Date: 04-02-2000

Cool Spots imageSome people travel the world to help poor people in other countries. Pretty inspiring, huh? But you don't have to travel far to make a big difference in your community. Catch the volunteering bug at the Kids Next Door site at www.hud.gov/kids. You'll meet kids who care, just like you, with great ideas for how to help others. One girl got a group together to make quilts for homeless people. A church group, a school or one kid can make a difference. Check out the Kids Volunteer! links to find out how you can get involved in your own neighborhood. You can help build a house, make some new friends and make the world a better place. Kids Next Door is a great place to start.

Visit: www.hud.gov/kids
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Give Peace A Chance Issue Date: 06-20-1999

Cool Spots imageAt the Peace Corps Kids World, you'll learn how to make a difference in the lives of others while exploring the globe. Roll up your sleeves at www.peacecorps.gov/kids. Through stories, games and fun facts, you'll explore many of the 80 countries the Peace Corps serves around the globe, including Russia, Ecuador and South Africa. You'll also read about tasty dishes in Morocco and a schoolday in Papua New Guinea. Closer to home, you'll meet students who are helping improve literacy and building schools with ongoing projects in Africa. Find out how kids are changing the world every day in their own communities. Build the bridges of cross-cultural friendship today.

Visit: www.peacecorps.gov/kids
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People Helping People Issue Date: 09-29-1996

Cool Spots imageThe Giraffe Project at www.giraffe.org tells us about people who stick their necks out to help others—human giraffes! Read stories about giraffes like David Levitt who, at age 11, helped feed the hungry people in his community. If you have spotted any giraffes, you can nominate them, or get involved yourself at the Giraffe Project.

Visit: www.giraffe.org
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