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Change the World Issue Date: 03-17-2013

Cool Spots imageJoin generationOn, generationon.org, and become part of a group of kids committed to improving their communities and the world. Watch "Get to Know Us" and learn what it's like to serve others. Now visit Kids and take a quiz to find out your Volunteer Style. What Do You Care About? If you like animals, you can volunteer at a shelter or help find good homes for pets. If you love to read, tutor younger kids after school. Some kids don't have enough food to eat; you can organize a food drive to help. Check out 65 Ways to get started today!

Visit: generationon.org
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Make a Difference Issue Date: 12-30-2012

Cool Spots imageKids are changing the world one community at a time, and you can get involved at Kids Are Heroes, kidsareheroes.org. You will be moved when you Meet the Heroes like mountain climber Tyler Armstrong, who uses his skills to raise money for boys who have Duchenne, a form of muscular dystrophy. Vivienne decided to "make a stand" and help free 500 child slaves by selling lemonade every day. Her determination motivated people around the world to join the cause. Feeling inspired? Learn how you can Become a Hero, too!

Visit: kidsareheroes.org
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Kids Helping Animals Issue Date: 12-30-2012

Cool Spots imageBeing a hero isnít just about helping people. You can be a hero to animals in your community at PAWS, paws.org/kids.html. Have a bake sale, host a movie night for animals or organize a gift drive for a local pet shelter. These are just some of the ideas you'll find if you decide to Volunteer. Make yarn balls for cats and rope toys for dogs, or find recipes for treats dogs will love in Stuff to Do. Research for your next animal project at school will be a breeze when you visit Learn, full of information about wild animals, pets and farm animals.

Visit: paws.org/kids.html
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Doing Good Issue Date: 08-02-2009

Cool Spots imageMeet a new kind of superhero at UNICEF World Heroes, http://unicefgames.org/heroes/frames_large.html. Become a volunteer and choose a character to begin your adventure. Once you have written down your code name, go to headquarters and pick up your mission booklet to decide which world challenge to tackle first. Maybe you will have to find a way to get clean water to children in Zimbabwe, or try your hand at construction when you build a school in Iran. No matter your choice, this adventure will be exciting and fulfilling for all.

Visit: http://unicefgames.org/heroes/frames_large.html
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Globe Trotting Issue Date: 03-05-2006

Cool Spots imagePack your bags and join Traveler as she treks the globe and learns about making a difference with Peace Corps Kids World at www.peacecorps.gov/kids. What is the Peace Corps? answers questions such as who the peace corp volunteers are, what they do and where they serve. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country? Visit Food, Friends and Fun and discover what a typical day or holiday would be like in Morocco, Nepal, Russia, Mali and more. Peace together the opportunities and make a difference.

Visit: www.peacecorps.gov/kids
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