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Rich History Issue Date: 06-10-2012

Cool Spots imageMormon pioneers, Spanish explorers, prehistoric people and tales of adventure await you in Utah State History, ilovehistory.utah.gov. Go to People to find out which Utah home is older than the Great Pyramids. Danger Cave, a large cave that prehistoric peoples began inhabiting after the Ice Age, contains artifacts left by people who lived there 11,000 years ago! Once you discover the people, land and important Events in Time, try some Fun Stuff. See how our technology compares to tools used thousands of years ago in the Archaic Technology Game.

Visit: ilovehistory.utah.gov
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The Empire State Issue Date: 04-22-2012

Cool Spots imageDiscover fun facts and famous New Yorkers as you explore the history of the Empire State at the NYS Kid’s Room, dos.state.ny.us/kids_room. Begin with State History, but pay attention, there is a quiz! Find out which famous people or Indian words inspired each county's name on the interactive NYS Counties Map. Select a state symbol to color in Fun Things to Do, choose a coloring tool and then print your work. Find the names of interesting places to visit around the state in the Word Search. You may have to do some online research to complete the Crossword, but the challenge is part of the fun.

Visit: dos.state.ny.us/kids_room
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Great Lakes State Issue Date: 04-08-2012

Cool Spots imageMichigan Kids, michigan.gov/kids, shares fascinating facts and trivia about the Great Lakes State. Start with games and bust some germs in classic arcade style. Throw darts to pop the balloons in the Fairs and Festivals Game, but first you have to take a quiz! Feeding Time at the Zoo is an action-packed learning adventure as you try to feed the animals before the timer runs out. Make Your Own Virtual Pizza with Michigan-grown ingredients. By the time you’re ready to bake, you’ll know some interesting facts about each topping.

Visit: michigan.gov/kids
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Not a Secret Garden Issue Date: 01-22-2012

Cool Spots imageNew Jersey History Kids, www.state.nj.us/state/historykids, is waiting to give you a crash course in New Jersey’s history. Say "hello" to Corey and Gabriela as they walk you through important topics such as history, geography and state government that help explain why New Jersey is the great place that it is. Mouse over the state to see videos, read documents or take part in neat activities. Farming, invention, manufacturing and the Underground Railroad are all covered, so find an area you want to learn more about and share with others who are curious about New Jersey's hidden treasures.

Visit: www.state.nj.us/state/historykids
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Fabulous Florida Issue Date: 01-18-2009

Cool Spots imageGet to know the history and the people of the state of Florida and find out what makes Floridians tick at Florida Kids, www.flheritage.com/kids. Meet the "Unconquered People" in Seminole History, where you can browse through photos, discover Seminole culture and learn to appreciate the life they lead. State Symbols is full of pictures and facts celebrating Florida and highlighting the cool items and animals chosen to represent it. If you are a Florida native or are just looking for a quick overview of this sizzlin' state, review FL. Quick Facts, which will help you brush up on your trivia today.

Visit: www.flheritage.com/kids
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