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Cool History Issue Date: 05-25-2014

Cool Spots imageHistory comes alive in Animated Atlas: Growth of a Nation, animatedatlas.com/movie.html. This interactive map shows the expansion of the United States from the 13 original states along the Atlantic coast to 50 by 1959. Click on a year, such as 1800, for a timeline of important events. Details about states, presidents, territories, culture and science are included to make research a breeze. History goes beyond the textbook here, where you can see when famous works were written, such as Jane Austenís "Sense and Sensibility" or Beethovenís Fifth Symphony.

Visit: http://animatedatlas.com/movie.html
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Artful Heritage Issue Date: 01-20-2013

Cool Spots imageGrab your helmet and telescope to begin your hands-on exploration of Crafting North Carolina, mintmuseum.org/craftingnc. Native Americans lived there 12,000 years ago, long before history was being written. Click on Early NC, then the arrowhead to read about life before the first explorers. Do you like exciting tales? Adventurers from Europe sailed across the sea in search of new lands, guided by early maps ó some of which showed sea serpents! Learn about craft artists who still use the state's natural resources in their art. Print a FunSheet for a scavenger hunt to find artists in North Carolina.

Visit: mintmuseum.org/craftingnc
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The Last Frontier Issue Date: 09-23-2012

Cool Spots imageAlaska Kids' Corner, alaska.gov/kids, is a collection of historical facts, photos and awesome adventures you can experience in the state nicknamed "The Last Frontier." Have you ever wanted to whale watch, pan for gold or ride a dog sled? These are just a few of the activities you can experience in Alaska. You can also catch a glimpse of the Bering Glacier, the largest in North America. Read tales of the Gold Rush, World War II and Alaska's Russian Heritage. If you are curious about Alaska, this site will have what you are looking for.

Visit: alaska.gov/kids
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I Never Knew That! Issue Date: 09-16-2012

Cool Spots imageState Facts for Students, census.gov/schools/facts, is an awesome resource from the United States Census Bureau. Whether you are doing a project or are just curious about population, government or economics, interesting facts are only a click away. Can you guess which state's sport is dog mushing, or which stateís official fossil is the stegosaurus? You'll find lots of facts to dig up here. If roller coasters are your idea of fun, you might look up which state has the most amusement parks. But guess what? Some states have none!

Visit: census.gov/schools/facts
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The Pine Tree State Issue Date: 08-26-2012

Cool Spots imageDiscover what the Ice Age, the last glacier and the Pine Tree State have in common at the Maine Secretary of State Kids' Page, maine.gov/sos/kids. All About Maine shares a Detailed History of Maine with interesting facts that will entertain you and your friends. Did you know that there are more than 2,000 islands off the coast of Maine? Pay close attention to what you are reading before you move on to Fun and Games, because you'll need clues from the site to unscramble the words in the Chickadee Club Jumble. Then see if you can guess what the license plates say in the Vanity Plate Game.

Visit: maine.gov/sos/kids
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