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Under the City Issue Date: 11-05-2017

Cool Spots image Did you know there is a different world 800 feet below the city of New York? National Geographic takes you on a virtual tour of New York Underground, nationalgeographic.com/nyunderground. The first 30 feet below the city are dedicated to utilities. More than 80,000 miles of cable bring electricity to New York. For more than 100 years, men called “sandhogs” have dug tunnels under the city to deliver water, create subway tunnels and build sewers. The best-known aspect of NY Underground is the transportation system. Read about what powered the first subway and how it has changed over the years.

Visit: http://nationalgeographic.com/nyunderground
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USA for Kids Issue Date: 09-04-2016

Cool Spots imageThe Consulate General of the United States created USA for Kids, www.usconsulate.org.hk/pas/kids, to introduce students to life and culture in this country. Did you know that Georgia was named for King George II of England? Explore USA to learn facts about every state, commonwealth and territory. Jump Back in Time to find detailed descriptions of time periods such as the Reconstruction and the Great War & Jazz Age. Meet the People and select profiles of presidents, artists, athletes, scientists and more. Be sure to bookmark this site for your next state history project.

Visit: http://www.usconsulate.org.hk/pas/kids
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State Research Issue Date: 03-13-2016

Cool Spots imageMany students are assigned a state project in fourth grade. Learn About The States, kids.usa.gov/learn-about-the-states/index.shtml, is a database of official state websites that can come in handy for your school projects and papers. Did you know that the state bug of Massachusetts was chosen because of a second-grade class? Read The Ladybug Story to find out how students contributed to a new state law. Harriet Tubman, Franklin Roosevelt and other important historical figures resided in New York. Explore the site to learn more.

Visit: http://kids.usa.gov/learn-about-the-states/index.shtml
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Explore Cities Issue Date: 02-22-2015

Cool Spots imageWeExplore, we-explore.com, is an adventure learning environment where teams explore the world. View Expeditions to see any of 274 already completed adventures. Fittest City Exploration looks at why Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been named the fittest American city. While its weather isn’t warm year-round, exercise is encouraged, as evidenced by the city’s focus on parks and recreational facilities. North of Sixty shows how climate changes affect communities in the Arctic. Watch videos of students living in areas where everyday lives are greatly impacted.

Visit: http://we-explore.com
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Geography Fun Issue Date: 12-14-2014

Cool Spots imageDid you know that geography is not just about memorizing states and capitals? Visit GeoNet, eduplace.com/geonet/geonet.html, and earn points on your Trekometer for each correct answer. You begin as a GeoTrekker, but you can increase your rank to GeoChampion with 3,000 points. Are you up to the challenge? Choose a United States or a World Map, then pick a region to get started. Answer questions from several categories, including Environment and Society, The Uses of Geography and Human Systems. Answer correctly, and Chester, your friendly guide, will share more about each topic.

Visit: http://eduplace.com/geonet/geonet.html
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