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The Will to Build — Girl Style Issue Date: 01-23-2005

Cool Spots imageCelebrate women in the field of engineering at www.engineergirl.org. Why Be an Engineer gives information and reasons girls may want to pursue this prestigious career. To see if this field is right for you, view a list of job descriptions and see what it's like to study engineering in school. The site highlights engineers in the fields of Space, Medicine, Environment and Communications. Fun Facts is filled with cool stories about great engineering feats. Don't forget to check out the biographies of successful Women Engineers.

Visit: www.engineergirl.org
User Rating: 3.2318104890022stars
591 users rated this site
Got Tech? Issue Date: 09-01-2002

Cool Spots imageGet techie with GetTech.org at www.gettech.org. Reviews of GetTech Careers explain the details of more than 40 professional career paths, such as architecture and psychology. Discover why Math and Science are the fundamentals for any career related to technology. You'll find everything you need to Be an Organizer who gets kids excited about technology. Test Your Tech with a multiple-choice quiz, or have fun playing GetTech Games. Finally, click on GetTech Kids and watch three cartoons about recent technological advances.

Visit: www.gettech.org
User Rating: 2.6385281385283stars
462 users rated this site
Night Shift Issue Date: 04-07-2002

Cool Spots imageIf you think no one ever wants to work the Night Shift, check out the folks featured at www.pbs.org/livelyhood/nightshift. This site introduces you to nighttime workers, such as Amy. She works at the hospital while you are in dreamland. Surviving the Night isn't always easy. Find out the different ways nightshift workers keep themselves motivated. Sleep is essential for everyone, including people who work at night. The Night Shift offers advice for getting some shut-eye during the day. After viewing the site, send in your reactions and find out what other viewers have to say.

Visit: www.pbs.org/livelyhood/nightshift
User Rating: 2.9678899082566stars
436 users rated this site
Creature Feature Issue Date: 10-21-2001

Cool Spots imageCheck out Animaland at www.aspca.org/aspcakids. At this Web site, you'll find many interesting creatures such as the black coral of Hawaii or the huge leatherback turtle. In the Our Heroes section, you can learn about a cat who saved her kittens from a fire. If you are interested in a career working with animals, visit the Career Center and meet a doctor who specializes in spiders. Don't forget to play fetch with Buddy in the Games section. Stop by this Web site to visit the zoo in your computer.

Visit: www.aspca.org/aspcakids
User Rating: 2.9477806788516stars
383 users rated this site

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