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Choose Your Path Issue Date: 07-11-2010

Cool Spots imageDo you ever daydream about what you'll be when you grow up? Having a job is part of that equation, and Career Aisle, http://knowitall.scetv.org/career
, will help you to explore your options. This great site has sections for even the youngest kids, so check out exciting jobs, such as law enforcement or construction, and see what you will have to do to make your dreams come true. Watching all the great videos, from becoming an ice cream maker to working as a veterinary assistant, may just inspire you as you look towards the future.

Visit: http://knowitall.scetv.org/careeraisle/students
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A Work in Progress Issue Date: 04-29-2007

Cool Spots imageKids Work! invites you to virtually explore jobs online at www.knowitall.org/
. Put on your scrubs and walk through hospital doors to meet real health workers and learn all about the hospital's history. Are you a drama king or queen? Then the theater is sure to attract your attention where you can become a box-office manager or even a playwright! Enter the KidsWork! ETV station to learn what it takes to get a television production up and running. Now you know how to translate your skills and interests into a money-making career.

Visit: www.knowitall.org/kidswork
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Check, One, Two Issue Date: 04-08-2007

Cool Spots imageIt may seem like eons away, but you will become a grown-up and Reality Check at www.cdr.state.tx.us/realitycheck/start.htm can help prepare you for what's in store. Find out how much money you will need to live and what careers might interest you as you browse through this super site. Career Direct shows bright minds what paychecks look like from different jobs. In Get a Reality Check, make your lifestyle choices and see how much money you'll need to make it happen. Regardless of your passion, discover this valuable resource for future planning.

Visit: www.cdr.state.tx.us/realitycheck/start.htm
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Making Plans Issue Date: 06-12-2005

Cool Spots imageLearn how Kids and Community fit together at www.planning.org/
. Every community needs a planner like Megan Lewis. Visit What Is a City Planner to discover more about her job. You can find out More About City Planning by reading the information about the improvements in Chicago's Grant Park. If you're thinking of becoming a planner, the Activities will help you to better develop your skills. In the Crazy City Stories, you'll find out How the Town of Meatball Springs Got Its Name. Then, travel to Word Town to create a picture of your hometown with words.

Visit: www.planning.org/kidsandcommunity
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When I Grow Up Issue Date: 01-30-2005

Cool Spots imageIf you are looking for advice on what to be when you grow up, visit www.bls.gov/k12 for career information. Select from a list of subjects such as reading, sports and computers to find out about different jobs that pertain to your specific interests. Each listing contains information about what the job is like, how much it pays, what type of education is needed and where to find more information on that career. Whether you are a handyman or a musician, a scientist or a math whiz, this site will help you find a career that is right for you.

Visit: www.bls.gov/k12
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