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Plan Your Future Issue Date: 03-31-2013

Cool Spots imageIt’s never too early to begin thinking about college. KnowHow2GO, knowhow2go.org, tells kids what it takes to get there. First, Explore Your Interests to narrow down your goals. Did you know that it’s better to have a lower GPA in tough classes than a higher GPA in easy ones? Are You Ready for College? Take the quiz and find out. Take the Tour of campus to learn how to prepare for college. Visit the admissions and financial aid offices, then have some fun decorating your dorm room. Save information in Your Notebook to print or email later.

Visit: knowhow2go.org
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Engineer Your Future Issue Date: 11-18-2012

Cool Spots imageThe American Society for Engineering Education presents eGFI, egfi-k12.org, an outstanding place to learn all about engineering. Click on the Civil card to learn that civil engineers design some of the world's largest structures, such as highways, airports and power stations. Meet Marc Edwards, an engineer who made an astonishing discovery about water. Shuffle the deck and move on to Aerospace, where the sky is NOT the limit. Aerospace engineers design rockets and satellites, and they invent spacecraft like the NASA Puffin, a personal aircraft.

Visit: egfi-k12.org
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Awesome Inventions Issue Date: 07-29-2012

Cool Spots imageFind out why Manufacturing is Cool, manufacturingiscool.com, and learn about engineering careers for original thinkers. Click on the iPod to watch videos of real engineers, like astronaut Joan Higginbotham, who operated a robotic arm on the International Space Station. Moving Mechanics sends you flying when you click on Fearless With Fighters and see what a real test pilot does at work each day. Distracting Diversions offers an inside look at the creation of video games. Click on the controller to find out how your favorites were made.

Visit: manufacturingiscool.com
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Figuring Physics Issue Date: 01-29-2012

Cool Spots imagePhysics.org invites you to explore possible careers in science at physics.org/careers. If you need some inspiration before you make your job selection, check out Profiles where you can read all about talented scientists such as Steff, a weather forecaster, Declan, a surgeon, and Naomi, a mechanical engineer. Now watch the different options that scroll across the top of the page. Click on Science Journalist, Radar Project Manager or Computer Game Designer to discover the best that physics has to offer.

Visit: physics.org/careers
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A Science Experiment Issue Date: 08-14-2011

Cool Spots imageScientists @ the Smithsonian, www.smithsonianeducation.org/
, will have you rethinking your future career. Many different kinds of people decide to be scientists. Look through the photos of these inspiring contributors and see what strikes your fancy. Do you want to be a “coral whisperer” and speak to the seas? Maybe you want to work cold cases and solve important mysteries. If bugs are your thing, buzz off with the bee tracker. From matchmakers to seed-readers, a variety of skills are represented in science jobs.

Visit: www.smithsonianeducation.org/scientist
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