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Choose a Career Issue Date: 10-12-2014

Cool Spots imageDo you know what you want to be when you grow up? Watch Videos About Jobs, kids.usa.gov/watch-videos/jobs/index.shtml, to learn about exciting careers. Captain Pete is a Marine pilot who flies an Osprey, a Tiltrotor aircraft that is both a plane and a helicopter. He explains the importance of math and eye-hand coordination. Now meet Dr. Megan, a veterinarian who can show you how to tell if your dog isnít feeling well. She recommends volunteering at an animal clinic, rescue or shelter to get started helping pets.

Visit: http://kids.usa.gov/watch-videos/jobs/index.shtml
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Cool Careers Issue Date: 07-06-2014

Cool Spots imageHelp Nicole complete her research paper about careers in technology with Peter Packet, tinyurl.com/y8hlhly. When Nicole types key words into a search engine, Peter and his niece Penny find the information. During the search you will meet Harmony in her recording studio. She is collaborating with musicians around the world on a new song. Are you ready to ride in a submersible? Go to French Polynesia and explore with Hina, a marine biologist. Take pictures of rare deep-sea creatures. See the important part technology plays in each of these jobs.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/y8hlhly
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Women in Science Issue Date: 07-21-2013

Cool Spots imageScience: Itís a Girl Thing, science-girl-thing.eu/en, is spreading the news that girls have what it takes to be scientists. Did you know that girls are just as great at math and science as boys are? For a variety of reasons, more boys than girls tend to pursue careers in science. If your Dream Job is finding new ways to protect the environment, you can become a Renewable Energy Engineer. If scuba diving and sea creatures fascinate you, Marine Biology may be your destiny. Donít be afraid to shoot for the stars. Find out Six Reasons Science Needs You!

Visit: science-girl-thing.eu/en
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Dream Big Issue Date: 04-21-2013

Cool Spots imageCareer Girls, careergirls.org, is the place to go to plan your future. You will see interviews with women who are judges, architects, journalists and more. You will be inspired to reach for the stars as you meet women who share their journeys to success. To get started, choose a career from the I Want to Be list. For instance, if you want to be a scientist, you can hear from Dr. Monica Hall Porter, who describes her research in heart disease. Find out more in How Do I Do This? Then scroll down to meet professionals in other fields.

Visit: careergirls.org
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The Math Path Issue Date: 04-14-2013

Cool Spots imageIf you want to grow up to design robots, build roller coasters, be an animation artist, or even own a cafe, you will need to learn math. At Math Apprentice, mathapprentice.com, you can choose a character and explore a virtual world where you experience jobs that use mathematical concepts every day. At Wheelworks, you can use ratios and geometry to build a custom bicycle for a professional athlete. Meet Clair, a programmer who designs video games, in Game Pro. Help her program an adventure game and see how important math is in moving characters around the screen.

Visit: mathapprentice.com
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