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Ancient and Awesome Issue Date: 07-29-2007

Cool Spots imageLearn all about the early history of the Western Hemisphere when you visit Ancient Americas at www.carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/AA/aaflash
. Did you know the world's first mummies can be found along the coast of Chile? Next time you open your fridge, check out your favorite foods. Many tasty treats like chocolate and potatoes come from the Americas. If you love soccer or football you might be surprised to learn that team sports originated with the Native Americans. Did You Know gives a brief history of the people who lived here before Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492.

Visit: www.carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/AA/aaflashfront.htm
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Beyond the Grave Issue Date: 05-20-2007

Cool Spots imageEmbrace Egyptian culture and traditions at Eternity Travel, www.mos.org/quest/et. Pharaohs of the past had many important decisions to make when they planned their trip into the afterlife. Here, you will be given 3,300 debens to spend on planning your own safe and speedy journey to the underworld. Browse different tombs where Egyptians were laid to rest, then decide on an embalming treatment, like Anubis' Choice. From cedar coffins to simple shrouds, mummy cases held the bodies in place with or without extra adornments. Save some money for fun extras before wrapping up life in this world.

Visit: www.mos.org/quest/et
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Ancient Artwork Issue Date: 12-17-2006

Cool Spots imageRoam through dark and damp places when you visit the Cave of Lascaux at www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/arcnat/
. Duck down for an underground adventure and take a virtual tour through this French wonder. In the Painted Gallery, beautiful artwork adorns the cave's walls, but beware as you travel into the belly of the beast. The Scene of the Dead Man shows many signs of life. Shed some light on the mystery surrounding the first prehistoric lamp and then read up on how the cavemen accessed the walls. Once you have become a Cave of Lascaux expert, test your knowledge with a quiz.

Visit: www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/arcnat/lascaux/en
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Mighty Fall Issue Date: 06-04-2006

Cool Spots imageInvestigate the precarious lives of past peoples when you inspect Collapse at www.learner.org/exhibits/collapse. Research four ancient civilizations and learn about the disasters and diseases that may have caused them to disappear. Could it happen again? Join scientists as they search for clues in the ruins of Copan, and record your findings in an online journal. Archaeologists act as detectives when they sift through ancient garbage. Dig out the facts for yourself with experiments in "garbage-ology," and interpret the past.

Visit: www.learner.org/exhibits/collapse
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Queen of the Nile Issue Date: 03-19-2006

Cool Spots imageWalk like an Egyptian to Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World at www.artic.edu/cleo/index.html. Cleopatra embodied the three great cultures of the ancient Mediterranean region: Egypt, Greece and Italy. Discover the uniqueness of these ancient civilizations by viewing videos of each country's history, art, architecture and more. Zoom in on artifacts such as the Alexander coin and statues of Imhotep and Hadrian. Select Stories to unveil the historic significance of each item. Timeline will guide you on the right path to keeping your "arti-facts" straight. This virtual time capsule is a must-see.

Visit: www.artic.edu/cleo/index.html
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