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A Tomb in the Deep Issue Date: 05-31-2009

Cool Spots imageWelcome to the Tomb of Perneb, www.metmuseum.
. First, locate your guide, Shepsesre, who will help you traverse Egypt to find his father Perneb's tomb and bring offerings to the deceased. Perneb's "mastaba" is in need of attention so that his spirit can live there happily. You must choose your gifts wisely. Before you enter Perneb's tomb, take a look at the map so you know where to go. Pay close attention to the carvings to unearth more about Perneb's life in the Egyptian courts and take time to appreciate the great photos provided for your enjoyment.

Visit: www.metmuseum.org/explore/perneb_tomb/index.html
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One Brick at a Time Issue Date: 05-10-2009

Cool Spots imageKeep your Roman army safe when you build your own Roman fortress at the National Museum of Scotland's Where does a Roman army live?, www.nms.
. Begin by clicking and dragging different structures onto the grass, from perfectly straight roads to tall gates that could be welcoming or foreboding. Each item comes with an explanation of its role. For example, did you know that the fort's headquarters housed money to pay the soldiers for their services? And always maneuver carefully, so your fort stays strong.

Visit: www.nms.ac.uk/education__activities/kids_only/discover_the_romans/romans_fort.aspx
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Customer Service Issue Date: 04-26-2009

Cool Spots imageOK, big boss! You are in charge of the temple stores in ancient Egypt. Do you think you can serve all your customers to their liking? Let's find out at the National Museums of Scotland's Temple Stores Game, www.nms.ac.uk/egyptians_stores.aspx. With lines out the door, you must quickly pass material orders onto your craftsmen, who will create the items your customers have requested. From jewelry to home furnishings, their orders are sure to keep you busy. Remember, you must move quickly and be sure to collect the proper tools, so that your patrons will leave satisfied. You'll need fast fingers and quick thinking! Good luck!

Visit: www.nms.ac.uk/egyptians_stores.aspx
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A Ticket to Athens Issue Date: 02-22-2009

Cool Spots imageJourney back in time to one of the first civilized societies in history at The British Museum's Athens, www.ancient-greece.co.uk/athens/home_set.html. Athens, known to some as the birthplace of democracy, wanted citizens to become actively involved in their government. See how these idealistic individuals lived their lives in Story, where you can choose a character and follow him or her through a typical day as you click and drag the sun across the sky. If you want to take part in Athenian history, click on Challenge, where you will be asked to guide citizens to do their duty.

Visit: www.ancient-greece.co.uk/athens/home_set.html
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Yong's Quest of Questions Issue Date: 12-28-2008

Cool Spots imageTravel back to 500 B.C.E. and join Yong on a scholarly quest at www.mylearning.org/
. There are many challenging levels in this game, so you are in for a lot of exploring! You will travel to the Great Wall of China and maybe even discover the secrets behind Chinese calligraphy. As you move through the different quests, be prepared to meet a mythical beast that may help you on your journey to victory. By the time you leave, you will have become a true student of Chinese culture.

Visit: www.mylearning.org/intermediate-interactive.asp?type=4&journeyid=517
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