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An Egyptian Adventure Issue Date: 01-02-2011

Cool Spots imageDo you want to unlock the mysteries of ancient Egypt? Liverpool World Museumís Escape From the Mummy's Tomb, www.liverpoolmuseums.org
.uk/wml/ humanworld/ancientworld/egyptian/egypt_game.aspx
, is requesting your help. Only brave, resourceful young explorers need apply, but if you think you are up for the challenge, get ready for a wild ride. Carefully collect all the important Egyptian artifacts, from shoes to art. But be sure to look over your shoulder! A scheming mummy is on the loose, and he wants to steal your items. Good luck!

Visit: www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/wml/ humanworld/ancientworld/egyptian/egypt_game.aspx
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GPS Free Issue Date: 11-14-2010

Cool Spots imageNever Lost: Polynesian Navigation, www.exploratorium.edu/neverlost/#/
, examines how Pacific islanders used natural resources to find their way as they explored the ocean and islands that surrounded them. Click on Canoe to figure out how these boats were built, and then make sure to check out provisions to get ideas on what to pack. Once you are ready to set sail, move on over to the Basics of Wayfinding to see what it takes to plan a route and stick to it when the going gets tough.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/neverlost/#/home
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Aztec Treasures Issue Date: 08-01-2010

Cool Spots imageTec's Challenges, www.mexicolore.co.uk/kids/challengetec, is a great site for those looking to learn more about the ancient Aztec people who once inhabited parts of Mexico. Click on Tecís Sacri-Face and enjoy the musical stylings of Aztec woodwind and percussion instruments, and see if you can remember which is which when Tec plays them back to you. Then test your searching skills in Tec's Codex hunt, where items are cleverly hidden and wait for your discovery. Keep your eyes peeled!

Visit: www.mexicolore.co.uk/kids/challengetec
User Rating: 2.5580448065174stars
491 users rated this site
The Gods Among Us Issue Date: 05-09-2010

Cool Spots imageTake a trip to ancient Egypt and celebrate Gods and Goddesses: Animals in Ancient Egyptian Religion, http://collectionsonline.lacma.org/mwebcgi/mweb.exe?request=epage;id=501295;type=803. Do you have a sublime feline roaming the halls of your house? If so, you should know Bastet, a gentle, cat-like goddess who is closely associated with motherhood and fertility. If dogs are more your speed, click on Anubis to read about how this faithful companion guided many people into the afterlife. From Amun to Wadjet, your Egyptian animal knowledge will improve in no time.

Visit: http://collectionsonline.lacma.org/mwebcgi/mweb.exe?request=epage;id=501295;type=803
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A Village of the Ancients Issue Date: 04-25-2010

Cool Spots imageThe BBC's See You See Me: Skara Brae, www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/learning/primary/skarabrae, holds many of Scotland's secrets and culture clues. Click on Evidence to take an unforgettable tour around Scotland with Eilidh the archaeologist. Once you have seen the scientists at work unearthing information hidden underground, move over to Activities, where you can decorate pots, create beaded works and play gathering games. Be sure to sit in on a stone circle meeting, and act fast on your decision making before the fire goes out.

Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/learning/primary/skarabrae
User Rating: 2.7613293051363stars
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