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Egypt Awaits Issue Date: 12-04-2011

Cool Spots imageTake a crash course in Egyptian history at The Children's University of Manchester - Ancient Egypt, www.childrensuniversity.manchester.
. Explore Ancient Egypt is a wonderful place to start your African journey as you learn about important historical sites and uncover hidden treasures. Take it up a notch in Writing in Hieroglyphs, where you will learn about the many symbols that communicated important messages in ancient times. Now go have fun Making a Mummy and playing Egyptian Jigsaws to unwind.

Visit: www.childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk/interactives/history/egypt
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Inside the Mummy Issue Date: 03-27-2011

Cool Spots imageOdds are, you know what a mummy is. But do you know what a real one looks like? Inside the Mummies, www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/kids/mummies.htm, wants to show you actual mummies with cool photos and X-ray shots. Choose from a Greco-Roman mummy, Namenkhetamun or Padimut to begin your exploration. The mummy of your choice will be highlighted with orange dots. Click on one of the dots to discover what lies under the surface. From stuffed necks to false eyes, you will be amazed at what these bodies went through prior to burial.

Visit: www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/kids/mummies.htm
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Amazing and Ancient Issue Date: 03-20-2011

Cool Spots imageTake a tour through the Field Museum's Ancient Americas, http://archive.fieldmuseum.org/ancient
. This groundbreaking exhibit introduces you to the many changes the Americas have undergone since the Ice Ages. Click on Interactives to take an adventure to places such as Oaxaca, Mexico, and Cerro Baul. You will be able to see the maps where the expeditions took place and zoom into the areas that have been excavated. Now, move over to Research and Collections to see artifacts that highlight the creativity of many cultures, and meet the scientists who brought this ancient art into your life.

Visit: http://archive.fieldmuseum.org/ancientamericas
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An Egyptian Wish Issue Date: 02-20-2011

Cool Spots imageWho's Your Mummy?, www.childrens
, will teach you about mummification and eternal life. Did you know that bodies were preserved so that the dead could recognize and then return to their mummified forms? After a person died the body went to the embalmer. The brain was removed and the internal organs were extracted, wrapped and put into jars. Then the body was cleaned, carefully dehydrated and wrapped. Watch the video and listen closely to discover this amazing process.

Visit: www.childrensmuseum.org/games/mummies/html
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Moments to Remember Issue Date: 01-30-2011

Cool Spots imageHow do you remember the important times in your life? Do you keep scrapbooks? Do you take pictures? Discover how the Mayans documented their lives in Exploring the Early Americas: Recording History, http://myloc.gov/Exhibitions/EarlyAmericas/Interactives/RecordingHistory/index.html. The Mayans used pottery, wood and stone to create permanent memories of their ancestors. You can browse through translations and uncover the stories behind the Tortuguero Box and a carved mirror back. Rotate the objects with your mouse and enjoy cool artifacts.

Visit: http://myloc.gov/Exhibitions/EarlyAmericas/Interactives/RecordingHistory/index.html
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