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Bronze Age Exploration Issue Date: 01-13-2013

Cool Spots imageGo back in time 3,000 years and play Shipwreck: An Ancient Sea Trade Game, metmuseum.org/
. In 1982, a Turkish diver discovered a ship that had sunk off the coast of southern Turkey. It set sail during the time of King Tut, carrying items such as ivory, gold and silver. Navigate the map and answer questions to build your ship. Now go back in time and try to take the ship on a journey. If you succeed, you become a wealthy trader. If you fail, your ship will be destroyed by a tidal wave or sea creature. Watch divers excavate the real site in the INA Video.

Visit: metmuseum.org/content/interactives/shipwreck/index.html
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Nautical Adventures Issue Date: 11-18-2012

Cool Spots imageExploration Through the Ages, ageofex.marinersmuseum.org, features explorers who made discoveries from ancient Egypt to the North Pole. Learn how plants and animals were introduced to other cultures in the Great Exchange. Did you know that long before Starbucks, the first coffee shops were in 1650s Venice? Play Whose Lunch is it Anyway? and pack a lunchbox using food available before 1492. Find what you need for a school report in The Explorers, with accounts of famous expeditions. Check the interactive map showing each ship's route in Their Voyages.

Visit: ageofex.marinersmuseum.org
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Ancient Mystery Issue Date: 10-21-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art's Studio 33, nelson-atkins.org/studio33/interactives/interactivelion, takes you into the Lionís Den to view reconstruction of an ancient work of art. More than 2,300 years ago, a beautiful sculpted lion guarded a Greek cemetery. Can you imagine assembling a puzzle whose pieces weigh thousands of pounds? That is what conservators tackled when they discovered the sculpture's support materials had rusted, causing cracks. From the 1993 Discovery to Reassembly, see stunning photographs and video of the amazing process.

Visit: nelson-atkins.org/studio33/interactives/interactivelion
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Mummies Unraveled Issue Date: 08-19-2012

Cool Spots imageIn Fascinating Eqyptian Mummies, mcq.org/momies, you can play games to learn about funerary rituals of ancient Egypt. Head into the Tomb first and see if you can guess the correct order of steps in mummification. Organs were carefully preserved in jars and entombed with the mummy. Try to place each in the right jar. Can you find out why the intricately designed Decorative Elements of the tombs were important? Once you succeed in the games you may enter the Sarcophagi Chamber, then add your mark to the sacred wall and download custom wallpaper.

Visit: mcq.org/momies
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Play Chess Issue Date: 03-18-2012

Cool Spots imageUnravel the mystery and intrigue surrounding the discovery of ancient chess pieces in Unmask the Lewis Chessmen, nms.ac.uk/kids/unmask_the_
. Start with the interactive map to begin gathering evidence for your own case file. Then examine your case file and throw away fake clues. After you learn how the Chessmen were made and where they were discovered, read a collection of stories and guess which one is true. Ready to play games? Choose the Chessmen to meet the characters, then play the walrus tusk game.

Visit: nms.ac.uk/kids/unmask_the_chessmen.aspx
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